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I'm Jp, Not sure if i'm an artist but I am sure that I like to draw things, make 3D models, animate stuff and sometimes make music.

I love spending time surrounded by nature and silence.

Working on games for a living and Learning new things to keep me sane.

Some of the things I like to draw:

Before getting into compilers I though they were magic.

Now I clearly see they are actually Alchemy

My skipper told me I remind her of Alex from Chasing Bubbles, which I just saw last night
Hoooo gosh, is that a trip. Not sure how I feel about that one
Highly recommend the documentary

@sourcookie hi mo, wanted to say and hi and request follow 👋

Its interesting... my website is my home on the internet. I own it. and it is a representation of me.

I should start treating it like that. It is supposed to be my log cabin, my little piece of the world where I can grow and exist and be.

At the moment I'm treating it like a bedsit belonging to somebody I distrust.

I'll be trying to make amends to this over the next few weeks and try and make it a place where I love to visit and where it has tools and information that I find useful.

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Yesterday I saw my good friend @wakest he was telling me to don’t forget to share my work here n his right . I have been working on a hardware companion for orca base on movement here so pic I will post some archive n explain how the “TRiPOD” work

We're giving way too much attention to people who cause harm as a service. If it's not to highlight what new evil they're doing, then it's not worth addressing. We need to focus on what WE'RE doing and boost that.

What are some projects you've been involved with, seen or engaged with (either off- or online?)

As the Jewish anarchist Landauer wrote in 1913 in response to antisemitism, “socialism means action among human beings; action that must become reality within these human beings as much as in the outside world. When independent peoples propose to create a united humanity, these propositions are worthless when even a single people remains excluded and experiences injustice”.
(Landauer 2010, 295)

via Zoe Bakers piece on Bakunins antisemitism:

man i wonder why everything libertarians come up with inevitably just winds up getting used for money laundering. oh well its probably just a coincidence

Ice king was lonely. Make sure to always be around your friends and family to make sure they don't go crazy and mad like ice king 👑

My course got cut short because we had boat difficulties (no engine OR windlass lol) which is okay because they booked me in (FREE!) for another course at the end of the month!

Loved it so much and can't wait to get back on a boat!! Hardest part was being around 4 strangers for a long time, in a closed space, since I'm an introvert

hi hi did you know @mollynoise 's new album is up for pre-order RIGHT NOW?

some songs (inc the one I'm on:3) are listenable immediately

+ there are also TAPES

go check it out go go go go go go


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