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really wishing I brought my switch or hacked psp with me on my trip right about now...

I finished reading the canticle of Leibowitz and now need a new book

taking suggestions :) anything you liked is okay

@dualhammers not really, like, I'm usually very intense about things, and I've grown to trust my compulsions to be intuition. It hasn't killed me, yet.

For 2022, I'll try to drop a #bandcamp playlist on Buy #Music Club every month to help y'all discover new music on there, hopefully :)

Here's one for this month

Click the names you are familiar with.

If you understand the pupose of this poll, boost the post to get more sample data.

If common behaviours were pathologised:

MFOD - Monetary fixation obsessive disorder

DAAD - Diversity aversion & avoidance disorder

CEDD - Chronic empathy deficit disorder

LRDD - Logic & rationale deficit disorder

CFHD - Capital & financial hoarding disorder

Today is a good day to remember that lying has consequences, and that a society where people don't have mutual trust is unstable.

those who walk in straight lines rarely admire their surroundings.

we find ourselves in roundabout ways.

blockchain decentralization is fake anyway. it's a datastructure that works SO HARD to create a single unified perspective over a distributed datastore, and the only way they can do this practically is by introducing enormous costs and ridiculous latency. divergent perspectives are an unavoidable part of distributed computing! pretending otherwise is just a part of their scam.

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howdy howdy howdy
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I'm the wordle sherrif, 420 6/9

EUPOL/ Kazakhstan 

nothing to see here, Just a nation entirely removing itself from the internet... I'm sure nothing bad is going on there at all.


smoking, eye contact 

and of course your regular reminder that the best stock photo ever taken is completely free to use, no attribution required (but it's by Juliana Stein)

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