Wow! a bit on the abstract side, but my mind is blown yet again :lawa: :kalama:

Since I'll soon have many thousands of these, considering turning it into an art project of some kind... any ideas?

Thinking of making a page on my website for "weekend projects"-- full of small(ish) ideas and projects that I haven't gotten around to exploring yet

And then inviting any friends, mutuals, or enigmatic strangers who resonate with one of the ideas to spend a weekend collaborating together to make it a reality

It makes me think that I could make a tool for learning chinese where first it presents this visual styled version of the character before telling the learner the meaning

I think this will make learning more active, first you guess what the meaning of each character is, and then when the defition is revealed, likely confirming what you've already come up with, which will make the character even more memorable because you'll have been an active participant in the process

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I think I'm starting to get more reliably good results

These are the last three characters I generated-- showed them to a few friends who do not know any chinese and they all guessed the meanings (or in the case of 电,the prompt that I gave it) with 100% accuracy

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Some more examples of these pictographic pictograms with characters for different animals

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I have to say, one of the funniest results I got was one of the variations of 快 (quick)

As the text prompt I gave the definition of the word "quick", and this ended up transforming the character into a person running with the word "FAST" written the background

Unfortunately despite mostly matching up with the shape of 快, it is not very readable as a chinese character on its own without context

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Some more examples, trying to give the neural network a bit more of a challenge with some of these

"spirit", "quick", "wood"
"I / me", "rabbit", "mouse"

I think my favourite here has to be "兔" with the little bunny sitting on top!

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Experimenting with CLIP+VQGAN to create visual mnemonics for chinese characters

I just had a bonkers idea that merges together five of my projects and yet somehow it feels simpler than any one of those projects on their own

Definitely enjoying this more friendly, almost conversational style of presenting myself on my (future!) website

And it's perfect for sprinkling in a few hyperlinks here and there to delve deeper into whatever piques one's curiosity

Inventing new error codes to account for human follies—like my own habit of linking to pages that don't yet exist

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Implemented the theming engine by @neauoire on my website so I can change its color the same way as I do with Left, it defaults to my current season's theme and gracefully degrades if there's no CSS3 and JS

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I feel like the internet is on a trend towards smaller, more tight-knit groups, and some of these groups will spill out to real-world locations and communities

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By the way, has anyone here heard of ?

Seems like it would be right up the alley for some merveilles folks

Looking forward to the small peer-learning groups that will form out of this

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Experimenting with a new kind of /learn page on my website

Instead of describing what I have been learning, it's now more of an invitation to join in on my learning adventures

I guess I should start learning hypercard then!

Of course, completely rewriting the build process for my website. Bringing the build process from 1+ min down to a couple seconds.

Using Notion as a WYSIWIG editor is great but has a slooow (and *cough* unnoficial) API, so I need some smarter caching.

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