By the way, has anyone here heard of ?

Seems like it would be right up the alley for some merveilles folks


I feel like the internet is on a trend towards smaller, more tight-knit groups, and some of these groups will spill out to real-world locations and communities

What would a physical merveilles town look like?

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@azlen i've been envisioning something similar!

i'd personally like to live in a converted school bus so my partner and i can wander around

i think this MARSHA thing is really cool

i think @fleeky is working towards this type of idea too

@xj9 @azlen
filled out there website form, gotta hedge the bets...

@azlen I always imagine The Channelwood from Myst but with more solar panels and people

@neauoire @azlen I guess I need to play Riven. Yeah, basically. But, again, not abandoned

@neauoire @azlen This reminds me that there was a Myst MMO

All I know about it is that it was "Under Construction" while live and if you went close to the portals that were not accessible yet you heard construction noises. I always found that charming.

@dualhammers @neauoire whaaat I never knew about this

apparently it's still possible to play? I wonder if I can get the client working through wine on linux

@azlen @dualhammers I played a ton of Uru. Please were horrible haha. It was fun, but it was a mess, nobody was doing the puzzles, everyone was trying to get you to fall down the platforms.

@rainonwires SimCity 2000. If you build 301 launch arcologies (most expensive arcology type, self-contained mini-city) they will blast off into space.

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