I guess I should start learning hypercard then!

Of course, completely rewriting the build process for my website. Bringing the build process from 1+ min down to a couple seconds.

Using Notion as a WYSIWIG editor is great but has a slooow (and *cough* unnoficial) API, so I need some smarter caching.

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First real electronics project, built a little analog synthesizer in an old cigar box. Satisfying to see this come together soldered onto a prototype board after mostly experimenting on breadboards for a couple weeks.

The internet is a like goldmine where everyone stops to admire the rocks at the entrance.

@flip Sometimes even without the help of other people; self expectation can itself be a dangerous cycle

@madewithtea Hey thanks! It's now up at azlen.me/

I love this workflow because it makes it so much easier to write and update content for the site. Hoping to add a lot more content over the next few weeks.

Over the past few days I have been building a static site generator which pulls pages from my Notion workspace using an unofficial Python API and generates HTML. So now I have a super versatile WYSIWYG editor for updating writing blog posts, projects, wiki pages, etc.

Website will be up soon, stay tuned!

Designing some "a" + "e" monogram logos in Dotgrid. Which of these might make a nice logo for a future personal wiki/website?

@nihiltarian in what ways do you think language learning platforms could be improved?

I have been thinking about memory + learning and developing a language learning app of my own, would love to bounce some ideas back and forth!


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