I thought I should drop by. I've been out of this Town for a long time. It's super hard to figure out what you're after in life, it's even harder when you find yourself around unique and talented individuals. I have a strange mimic gene in my creative process and I need be careful with it. My work is all over the place style wise and I have no idea what I want to do next. When it get's hard I need to take long walk out of the Town to find out what and if I've been missing something.

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4th day without cigarettes after 20 years of smoking every day. I think I could actually quit it for good this time. It's a strange feeling.

Alberto Mielgo who directed "The Witness" from love sex robots had this style pinpointed few years ago.

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Google Stadia looks like something that could own humanity in a decade. Streamed computing power will be super addictive.

Love Death and Robots is super good.

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