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First time generating sounds from the Uxn implementation of Orca! The sounds are coming from Uxn's built-in synthesizer, 4 channels playing basic waveforms.

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If you (or someone you know) has moved from an EU country to Sweden to work there as a contractor, please reach out!

My company just confirmed that I can move there if I want to, as long as I am legally registered as self-employed (as I currently am in Spain), so I need to start looking at the possibilities.

Boosts more than welcome :)

Laying down some of the final UI elements (Mockup).

The sequencer will support multiple pattern banks and the randomization of notes or parameters.

It's been a busy week, but I manage to squeeze some GBA sequencer work. I think I'll adjust a bit more some of the UI elements, but at least now is usable again.

Next step will be the noise channel.

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Time travel! Feelings! Dialogue, monologue! Adjectives!

If these things interest you, I invite you to read my first, stilted attempt at writing a story in a while, "What All Went Down". Feedback welcome!

My computer says it's about five and a half pages, but I'm not sure I trust it.

Hot take: just started A Link to the past again, since I never finished it and it had to be one of the most tedious games I’ve played. Every time I get to the dark world I start getting bored…

Channel 3 parameters are back and mode selection and trig volume are implemented for it as well.

I'll end up changing how the square channels look to conform to the same style.

Testing the new hybrid BG + bitmap mode renderer on my 16-step sequencer for the GBA.

Now for the gruesome task of adding back the parameter controls for the different channels...

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My microsite generator Chīsai now has a super cute mascot thanks to the wonderful Chlowski! Look at him jumping around with all his equipment! :tealheart:

Visit Chīsai page on Github!
Visit Chlowski Artstation page!

Just got my first dose of Moderna and now I have 7g on my phone, currently downloading the entire internet

And with this we get a 5.3x performance improvement on the draw_rect function!



I may consider moving this vectorization to the line drawing and call that instead, but I'm sure this will degrade the performance.

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I've spent a couple of weeks porting UXN to the GBA and learned a lot in the process. Now it's time to take that knowledge to refactor my 16-step sequencer to improve the architecture and rendering speed!

A friend took us sailing to the lake for the first time, it was a ton of fun :tealheart:

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Today we added my optimised core to the repo! uxn-fast.c is over three times faster than the standard uxn.c.

The best thing is that it's generated by a script that works on uxn.c, so when you need to change how Uxn works you can edit the concise, human-readable uxn.c and re-run the script to get high performance!

Thanks to @asie and @bd for inspiration and tips!

Watching Nina Simone’s Netflix documentary and I already cried 2 times 20 min in. Her voice touches my soul so deeply.

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on NintendoDS, every app we develop from now on will be instantly available on the platform, thanks to @asie

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