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My first project! A moon phase tracker (more novelty than accurate).

I wrote a little script to get your large indexed images out of GIMP and into uxn: gemini://gemini.sensorstation.

Special thanks to @brendan and @alderwick for the math help!

Spend the weekend sailing on the lake, learn some knots and had a blast. Sharing a 34 with 8 people is challenging but a lot of fun!

Since I’ve been delving into the bare betas programming rabbit hole, I would like to share a series of lectures I’ve found really helpful, really good stuff:

Bare metal UXN running on the PI4 hardware!

For some reason this refused to work with -O2 optimizations, but works fine on -O1. Probably need to do some assembly archeology to find what is going on.

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Ah much better, no more zipping around my dvd friend!

Probably there is a better way of doing the 60 Hz sync, but I don't really want to mess around with interrupts right now.

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Meet #Slight: the serious bitmap font editor for #uxn fonts!

It's not ready for release yet as it needs serious refactoring, but all the features are in place and it's perfect for designing and extensively testing new fonts!

Check out this quick 1-minute video:

With a small resolution though, doesn't seem to be a performance issue. We may want to add VSYNC though lol.

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That was not too hard :)

I just implemented the PPU on the bare metal raspberry pi 3 port of UXN. Likely slow for now, we still need to track dirty tiles/lines and use the DMA for copying memory to the framebuffer.

Also, we can make this more efficient if we request an 8 bit depth or smaller instead of the 32 bit, but I'm unsure about how to best handle that at the moment.

I managed to compile a barebones version of UXN for the Raspberry Pi 3 (bare metal, no OS). Only the console device is working right now, printing to the UART1. In this image the kernel.img image is ran using qemu with the console device rom.

I actually have the framebuffer working (currently drawing a blue rectangle to the screen), but didn't yet get to implement the PPU code. It should be pretty easy, since it's just a matter of writing to a 0xBBGGRR buffer.

CC: @neauoire @alderwick

I have discovered what is now my absolute favorite dish, Brazilian feijoada (vegan version). A simple black beans stew with onion, garlic and some TSP, served with white rice, farinha a touch of lime and Sriracha. Been eating it for 3 days straight! The kind of comfort food that makes you warm and fuzzy inside.

Small hike today close home. Saw two beautiful waterfalls and took a bath on the cold river. Beautiful day!

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This is the first ever jam for .

See what you can do with this 6502 based fantasy console with 64x64px + 64 colours in 64K.

No rules just vibes.

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🌱 :merveilles: :tealheart:

over the last week i ported the C based emulator and assembler into webassembly and javascript using

i also added a parser and syntax highligher. it runs the majority of the roms in the main uxn repo! give it a try and let me know what you think

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2.7” Sharp Memory LCD
Monochrome memory LCD display
400 x 240 pixel resolution

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Started working on a playground type of site. I haven't got the assembler working in the web yet but most of the demo roms run!

This was delicious! Red pepper, green flat beans, onion, garlic, tomato and a bunch of lentil sprouts. I thought the sprout flavor would be very overpowering but when cooked they blend perfectly with the rest of the ingredients.

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