Uh oh, playing a sine-ish from the wave channel at a frequency from an out of bounds buffer 🙃

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Trying to think on a good interface for controlling the wave channel synth. There are 2 banks of 32 4-bit samples. Each sample has a volume between 0 and 15. We can decide to play bank 0, bank 1 or one after another (dual).

Since there are a lot of parameters to control I would have to use a different approach of what I did with the square channels, so here is an idea of how it could look like.

Got both square synth channels working with independent trigger sequences so here is a small jam to celebrate!

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I wonder how the Wave Function Collapse (WFC) procgen algorithm would work on an audio stream. Couldn't find anything on the web after a quick search and may be interesting to explore.

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All synth 1 parameters are mapped to the triggers and UI. Next step, enable adjusting these parameters dynamically.

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Envelope is independent per trigger now. No control yet, though, thinking I'm going to lay out the UI first for the other controls before I address that.

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This is starting to look like something usable!

Next step: Per trigger control of synth parameters.

This basil plant is growing so nicely! We grabbed some cuttings from a sickly plant we got on the supermarket and after 1-2 months here we are!

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In 2008, I tried to make a game that was far too ambitious. So naturally I abandoned it. While cleaning up some notebooks, I found some old notes and decided to draw one of the places described: "The cathedral of the strange".

Not much has changed since yesterday, except that the sequencing now uses proper timing via timer interrupts and the BPM can now be adjusted (Previously timing was triggered each frame, which only let us adjust in 16.6ms intervals, Yuck! Interrupt timers can go as low as 59.9ns!).

I think I have an idea of how I want to structure the sequencing part.

Just finished watching Kiki delivery service (魔女の宅急便) and it may just be my second favorite movie of Studio Ghibli. Incredibly cute and wholesome ❤️.

No graphics yet, but here is some sound sequencing action on the GBA.

Here is what I'm currently working on, a sequencer for the GBA inspired by the Digitone.

The long term goal will be to implement a custom FM synth using the direct sound channels.

I'm aiming to submit this project to the GBA jam currently in progress at itch.io

Hello folks!

I'm BD, also known as Bad Diode.

On the daylight I do research building tools processing data from complex machines.

When the night comes, I write minimalist software in low level programming languages.

I also like writing electronic music, singing, and listening to jazz, blues and rock and roll.

I've been tinkering with GBA programming lately and having a blast! Expect some retro-computing posts and progress updates in my feed :)


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