I managed to compile a barebones version of UXN for the Raspberry Pi 3 (bare metal, no OS). Only the console device is working right now, printing to the UART1. In this image the kernel.img image is ran using qemu with the console device rom.

I actually have the framebuffer working (currently drawing a blue rectangle to the screen), but didn't yet get to implement the PPU code. It should be pretty easy, since it's just a matter of writing to a 0xBBGGRR buffer.

CC: @neauoire @alderwick

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@alderwick @neauoire Here is the code, I'm done for the day but feel free to take a look. As I said, it's very basic right now but I think it has potential if you end up doing the UXN-OS.

@alderwick @neauoire I wrote it by synthesizing multiple tutorials, videos and the board spec. You can look at the git log to see what I was looking at for each commit.

@bd Thank you so much for that documentation. I've been desultorily trying to do something similar for Arduino boards, and your links will help me learn the necessary tacit skills.

@alderwick @neauoire

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