Spent some time today learning how to make multisampled instruments for the Polyend Tracker and I decided to test my piano samples with a small piece from Beethoven's "Pathétique,". I think it sounds pretty decent, though the samples take pretty much all the memory. Still, you can just load a 1-2 octaves of the piano instead of the entire thing and you are golden! :)

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@bd that sounds great! So you’re making chords by using the same sample across different tracks and altering the notes?

@tendigits kind of, I sampled a piano for every note at 3 different speeds (1, 1/2, 1/4) evenly spaced and created some long samples with that, on the tracker I sliced it like it is a jungle break. There is also some modulation for more realistic playing

@bd wow that seems like a lot of work. But the results sound great.

@0x520 true, thought the Polyend has a wave table and granular synth engine, which adds a lot. And you can effect the sounds (including some microtuning) with LFO/envelope as usual but also on a per trigger basis (due to being a tracker) to add variety. I haven’t found is super limiting thus far but only had it for a couple of days so we will see. I always have a daw if needed, sketching on how and moving to the pc later for the finishing touches.

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