Detail shot of the coloration in the brass. There's still some adhesive from the contact paper left to clean off.

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Gehn's crest, from Riven. The first two Myst games had a huge impression on me. Today I honor their influence while also reviving a beat up brass-topped coffee table.

Man oh man I am so pleased with how this turned out.

I'm taking a course on modeling socio-ecological systems and the text is posted online by the professor.

Maybe some of you would find this interesting.

Does anyone here have experience with chickpea-based miso?

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Revision: after going through a whole meal of the besan seitan, I think the texture of pure gluten is better. This batch was far more cooperative to make though, because it didn't expand so aggressively in the water.

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I've always made seitan with pure gluten because there's no shortage of carbs in my life. Today I made it with 2:1 gluten:besan and the texture is really great.

What do y'all put in your seitan? Talk to me.

The podcast Imaginary Worlds did an episode called Solarpunk the Future about optimistic reimagining our current technology that made me think of this place. It's a short, fun listen (30 minutes) for those of you so inclined.

I'm really struggling with pissing away my down time with the excuse that I need to recharge.

The most energized I ever feel is after a good burst of creative productivity. Doomscrolling isn't rest, it's waste.

Ok, now that I'm done feeling sorry for myself, I have a real question for you guys:

How do you grapple with deciding whether or not to overhaul something when you discover a cleaner way to execute? The ancient struggle of perfectionism when the deadline doth loom.

TFW you spend days painstakingly coding what has turned into a spaghetti monster, only to realize it all could have been avoided with a little bit of regex. Fuck, I feel like such a noob.

One of the best albums of 2020. Avant-garde jazz, drone, and doom in three movements, described to my delight as "GIRTHY."

Neptunian Maximalism - Éons

Anyone else feel like they have two or three very strong but very conflicting aesthetics? Have you tried to merge them?

The hard work is paying off and I am somewhere between wanting to laugh and needing to cry.

Those of you who ferment: have you ever gotten sick from your products?

Is java offensive or do I have an attitude problem?

Merveilles is so full of inspiration.

How do you all keep/organize the neat little things you find on the internet?

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