Don't ever doubt the impact you can have as an individual who decides to take on a problem. Roughly 400 gallons of colored paint and 3,000 gallons of white paint were not sent to a landfill last year, all because I pitched a fit to my bosses and said "this is unacceptable, I will change this."

I haven't really calculated these totals before. It's so empowering.

Last year my lab began handling the un-pigmented waste differently, resulting in about 1 drum per week of material that is reclaimed into viable product. This materiel used to get hauled off-site as hazardous industrial waste.

Now, we've got our small quantities of pigmented water-based material going to schools.

Next goal is to have all larger quantities of colored paint donated to something like Habitat for Humanity.

I'd like to share a small victory: 4,300 small cans of paint that were going to be sent to a landfill have been successfully donated to the art departments at several local public schools.

You know all of the brightly colored paint drips I post from colorant studies? That material has been salvaged by a high school mural club.

Creation of the universe, spotted in the bottom of a latex waste collection drum.

Information retention strategies 

This album contained My Wall, spoken word poetry by Julian Cope set to riffs that could crush a bull moose.

I was completely obsessed with this track for a long while, repeatedly scrawling the words with my nib pen and drawing huge piles of bones stacked beneath black monoliths.

From the 2018 remaster of the Sunn O))) experimental release White 1.

Cruddy shot of the inside of a solvent tank used to clean alkyd paint off of lab tools.

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In honor of the rare PDX snow, here's a tiny mold colony that reminded me of Narnia... or maybe one of those little islands at the top of Skyrim.

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What happens when you block all of Google's IP addresses from your life? Many fascinating things break, because Google is an octopus.

Wonderful drone for concentration, heavy with nature recordings.

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I think I'd enjoy doing a Star Trek TNG rewatch podcast. Are there any of those already?

Sunshine, daisies, butter mellow.

Yellow alkyd paint running off a freshly raised blade. Hypnotic.

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