Those of you who ferment: have you ever gotten sick from your products?

Is java offensive or do I have an attitude problem?

Merveilles is so full of inspiration.

How do you all keep/organize the neat little things you find on the internet?

Someone here might find this interesting: LaTeX and Vim integration.

Anyone have experience with non-soy analogs to miso paste? Could I maybe mince and simmer some kind of mushroom with seaweed?

I just rediscovered the lone ebook that I'd saved to my defunct Google books account: Leechdoms, Wortcunning, and Starcraft of Early England.

The past few evenings have been spent quietly listening to David Lynch interviews and playing with color palettes. It's good.

Struggling to keep my faith in the mission when it feels less possible by the day.

Unleavened frybread breakthrough: make the dough crazy hydrated, and just let it sit in the fridge for a few hours to develop its gluten. It's generally so sticky that I have to pull it by hand and set it directly into the pan.

I'm currently eating it with sour yogurt, herbs, and walnuts. My Persian buddy told me about his grandparents eating this for breakfast. It's wonderful.

Homemade oat milk in my coffee this morning. It's excellent. Do any of you make your own milk, and if so, how long does it keep?

I got little sticky notes that look like planets. They were cheap and the adhesive is barely better than just licking the paper, but they're so ~darling~

Every day I bounce back and forth between "this is such a wonderful use of my time" and "this is deeply upsetting and I am upset."

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My company's business model is to use market pressure to improve the sustainability of their supply chain. On the one hand, I love that we have so many industry-leading clients because it shows how pervasive this desire is among consumers.

On the other hand, why the FUCK is this voluntary? Shifting this responsibility onto the consumer is completely inappropriate. Capitalism shouldn't be the method for addressing climate change.

I'm turning 30 next month. My big travel plans are toast because America can't handle its corona. I've got 5 days off work, two of which will be spent in a hammock in the wilderness.

Ideas for solo ceremonies marking a new decade and new phase in life?

Outer Wilds though.

The game inspired me to take an overnight backpacking trip into the wilderness last weekend. I played the game's OST as I was heading out of town, and it made me ugly cry while flying down the highway.

Holy shit you guys I love my job.

Today I'm building a tool to help our clients (industrial manufacturers) understand and collect carbon footprint data at their facilities.

We tried just asking for data, and the stuff we got back was ridiculously unreliable. My CEO's reaction was "dafuq is this? Fix it."

Say no more, fam.

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The seedling apple tree I planted 7 years ago has finally come into her own. 😍

Not pictured: the significant number of apples that yote themselves into the street as soon as I disturbed the branches.

Grimes titled her debut album in homage to Dune, but misspelled it.


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