I know how to extract data, but turning it into music is going to be a totally new universe for me. Expecting to do some hard creeping of the Merveilles talent pool to see what y'all are doing with beeps and boops.

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I've been playing with taking text input and processing it into data that can then be used to make generative noise music.

The code to digest the text into a usable format is pretty straightforward, but the question then becomes how to coarsen the data in a way that best preserves the personality of the original input.

My wakame seaweed has a Prop 65 warning on it for heavy metals... a quick look at packaging online didn't reveal the same thing. Is this what I get for buying the cheapest seaweed at the corner market? :/

Can't stop won't stop mentally pluralizing "footprint" to "feetprints" and giggling to myself.

Chickpea curry, naan with charcoal powder and sesame. <3

HNW in our times of quarantine.

(credit to reddit user CremationLily)

I used to hate spending all day doing wet work, carefully gathering data points. I hated having to get all suited up, and the fume hood, and the constant carcinogens. There was a high though, that came with compiling everything and reaching that a-ha! moment, finding the sweet spot in the formula.

I've yet to find that high as a data monkey. I'm sure it's around, somewhere...

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I've gone from technical R&D, to 70% data monkey and 30% bizdev. There's a lot to be said for being able to spend my working hours wrapped in a fuzzy blanket banging on a keyboard, but I miss the aggressive exploration of R&D.

Fever, cough, and local confirmed cases of corona. Looks like I'm in for a long stint of self-quarantine. Luckily last week I bought as many sweet potatoes, apples, oranges, and oats as I could carry home.

Time for rest, fluids, long-delayed personal projects, and making a dent in my movie list. I'm excited to work on a better journal/tracker, you folks always inspire me to invest more in that.

Those of you with consistent journaling and/or personal wiki practices- how did you develop that habit? I've always admired the practice, but can't seem to get past the two-week hump. I always start feeling like I don't have the time... or worse, like recording things is an invasion of privacy.

Any tips?

Talk to me about your favorite herbal tea. I have a little teapot that likes to hang out on my desk with me while I work, and I'd like something that can just stay steeping without becoming straight tannin.

In the past, I've had a lot of chamomile, fennel, aniseed, and peppermint. Seeking something new!

Recently read about sage tea being good for cognitive performance. Any sage fans here?

We need to kill this notion that something with "organic" on its packaging is somehow an environmentally conscious choice. There's a glut of food bloggers/channels/resources, and yet the people in my daily life still view cooking as some dark art. It's confounding and frustrating so see so much reliance on packaged, processed food.

Does anyone here have feelings on soaking rice, specifically brown rice? I've never bothered, but it allegedly improves nutrient absorption.

Thoughts? Methods? Skepticism?

Diet optimization 

What started out as an attempt to shrink my carbon and water footprint turned into a long, harrowing journey that left lines in my fingernails. I'm still far from being "normal," but making the change is empowering, and it puts me in a better position to have conversations about the opulence of beef.

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Diet optimization 

With soy and seitan of the table (and I've never been able to have legumes in any quantity) I've settled into a routine of a ton of chickpeas, and eggs 2-3 times a week. I know enough people around here to be able to mostly get backyard eggs, which is nice. And I feel better now than I have in years.

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Diet optimization 

It's been about a year since I stopped consuming meat. The initial goal was to be free of animal products. Cooking and nutrition have been interests for a long time, so I didn't anticipate issues.

I got sicker than a dog. My hair was falling out and I had twisting gut pain every day. The best my doctors could do was say "idk maybe eat some chicken lol." And now finally, after working with a nutritionist on a months-long elimination diet... I can't tolerate wheat and soy.

A very dear friend passed away today. I'm not sad, I'm sincerely grateful that he was part of my life. He was radiant and the world is better because of him.

Nothing like loss to remind us how powerful love is. Be well, friends, and get shit done. We have a lot of important things to do.

I'm talking a class on the design and implementation of algorithms to handle huge data sets with limited resources. Guys guys guys ohmigod. It. Is. A. Blast.

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