Gehn's crest, from Riven. The first two Myst games had a huge impression on me. Today I honor their influence while also reviving a beat up brass-topped coffee table.

Man oh man I am so pleased with how this turned out.

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Detail shot of the coloration in the brass. There's still some adhesive from the contact paper left to clean off.

@bee That's beautiful! Those games were really formative for me, too!

@bee Looks dope. Did you add some sort of layer to add the detail, or is that an acid wash?

@dualhammers Nah it was like that. Really really pretty finish.

@bee @npisanti uhhhh yo this is amazing!! I think Rand Miller would be really happy to see this! are you on twitter? his twitter username is @randemtweets (and Robyn is @tinselman). No obligation tho, just if you felt like it. Anyway, super cool haha, I spent an excessive amount of time in Myst and Riven. Such powerful formative experiences for me, for sure. I use a Riven scene as my Zoom background for work meetings! 😅

@amatecha @npisanti Thank you!! I'm having so much fun seeing how many of you are Riven fans. I don't really use Twitter, but I just posted this on the Myst subreddit in the hopes Rand sees it. I know he's around sometimes. Dunno about Robyn!

@bee That's perfect, it looks like it just popped out of the game. I am also a huge riven fan, best game of all times for me.

@bee Wow, looks fantastic! Would love to see in progress shots!

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