It would be nice to have a system that's just roam + Web of Trust moderation of notifications, edits and backlinks.

Maybe I should start there. Tasteweb ( ) would be great for Content Discovery, but we engage in content discovery for usually very unhealthy reasons. It's a very transient and noisy way of interacting with the internet. It's probably just fundamentally not what we should be doing.

@faun Too heavy on the discovery, too light on the content. It becomes hard to settle and absorb properly.


@faun How does WoTs differ from a restricted entry webring.

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@bee This is difficult to answer because I'm not sure what lead you to compare them. A webring is a closed set where each person in the ring has only one choice as to who is next in the series, yeah? WoTs are neither. The contents of the set depend on your position in it and your depth limit parameter, and you get to endorse as many people as you want.

@faun I'm mostly thinking of the Merveilles webring, which I do not believe is strictly ordered. More like, a bounded group.

But I now think you're saying that each agent in your web can define who they do and do not trust, thus its bounds are set by each member, and are dependent on where you're at in the web. It's not a blanket binary in-or-out dynamic.

@bee Yes. The exact rule for determining whether someone's in is

fn is_in(person, me, max_dist): bool -> {
let sp = shortest_path(person, me)
if sp > max_dist {
return false
for blocker in blockers(person) {
if shortest_path(blocker, me) < sp {
return false
return true

So as long as I can make shortest_path really fast (I'm sure I can), this would be efficient enough to use.

@faun What determines max acceptable path length? Kevin Bacon? I'm not sure I understand the inspiration here.

@bee You decide what you want that to be depending on how open you are to seeing randos, or how well you trust the outer reaches of your web to keep randos out.

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