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Hello! I am Tati! I am currently making a GameBoy game using GBStudio, and make things in Bitsy from time to time. I also love painting with gouache and learning things in blender.

Hoping for a bit of a nice vacation before my state becomes engulfed in flames, feeling some kind of way

#theVent #animalhealth 

I'm feeling very sad this week because my cat has early stage renal failure and we're gonna get him some kidney food. He's ok but he still barfs intermittently and he's getting less interested in his food. It's stressing me out after the Heat Dome week was already super stressful.

In MA I used to live in 90+ with humidity, and found air conditioning too cold to deal with.

I've lived through 104 degree heat in Massachusetts, I dunno why this heat wave is making me so anxious

Sometimes riding my bike is fun, but my bike is old and doesn't have a lot of gears, and it's hard to go up hills now that I have pandemic stamina.

I wish I could swim but I can only swim indoors where I live and I don't want to do that because of covid :(

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I need to add some fun movement to my life but my current ideas of skateboard or rollerskates/blades both have the risk of injuring my hands which would put doing work at risk, so I'm not sure what to do

I should not underestimate the therapeutic value of dealing with things that have been bothering me

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I finally completed and published my little pixel art RPG pack on Itch!

It *looks* like 16 little graphics, but to me it’s representative of losing use of my hands, being unsure what I could regain, and clawing back abilities over the past year.

I changed my Itch name form Freed Creative to Polygonix because I’m not in a position to use only FOSS anymore. Started these in Gimp and finished them in Pixaki.

So pleased to have bought this little project to fruition. 😀

Covid vaccine 

I got a shot today but I always have fight/flight reactions to vaccinations, and that feeling wasn't helped by a shouting match/fight breaking out in the safeway I was in. I feel bad!!

This weekend was kind of meh, but I did see a baby bunny and traced more pieces for some pants I am going to sew.


I am in an extremely bad mood today, I also took my brain medication so that's not the culprit

has anyone here written anything incredibly dark for a like a middle school class assignment and turned it in and then spent the whole rest of the school year afraid your teacher/the other kids in your class now think you are nuts.

I enjoy Kottke but his viewpoint is getting less interesting to me over the years.

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all the blogs I used to frequent with the exception of have all fallen due to drama or lack of financial support

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