In the extremely unlikely scenario that you, like me, might need a little graphical desktop , I made this tiny thing(1.2kb) to help me with homework.



If you ever find yourself choosing a domain registrar, do not choose GoDaddy. An unusually horrible service. Also be careful when buying .es domains, they bring problems too. Who could've known?

Since Mastodon saw its initial popularity circa 2017, I've noticed that most users and those reporting on it either don't think about the Fediverse as anything more than Mastodon, or treat its history as beginning with Eugen Rochko and the beginning of Mastodon. In fact, Mastodon is the latest in a long line of federated social networks going at least back to, and though I wasn't around for all of it, I find this history pretty interesting. (Thread; boosts welcome!)

@internetarchive OMG wow. It's been almost 25 years since I wrote this to manage my #diabetes on a #palmpilot. I wrote it in Metrowerks CodeWarror C, and the amount of work to draw a pie chart on a system without floating point OR math libraries was nuts. And flood fills? Good lord

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That is the Micro Fiction Games Jam finished for another year.

I really want to thank every single one of you who took part in any way, you make this thing an absolute joy to run.

This years theme was a tricky one, and yall just completely nailed it. I think this might be our strongest year of games yet!

You can read them all here:

Every year I am just blown away by the things yall create.

I want to be indexed in Lieuยน, but the requirement is for me to be on the ringยฒ.

The thing is, I don't really want to join the ring, as it is too big! 200 members are no joke. I will never in my life have enough time to learn about their sites enough to remember them.

So, @cblgh, can you please index me without being added to the ring? If no, it's ok. I'll then add myself to the ring, whatever. Maybe I'll want to be there one day anyway.


I considered different engines for that.

I mocked up multiple scenes in INSTEAD. Some people might even have access to the source code of the game. I didn't finish it.

Then I thought of Decker, that cool HyperCard derivate. People reported that it uses too many computer resources to run. What?

What about that uxn presentation format? Is it 1bit too?

Maybe 4 colors is better than 2. Maybe I shouldn't limit myself with that, because I draw on paper with markers, and that's many colors

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I also want a wind turbine or a watermill, just so they make cool creaking sounds.

And a lighthouse.

Such wishes are impractical and too important, so I'll probably not make them true in this reality, but I expect them to be found in my visual stories, which I wish to make.

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I want to have my own living place, where I'll weave a web of electrified strings that will do something. Things will be attached to them. And there will be literal cobweb capabilities, no one will be able to cross the rooms unnoticed as long as I'm touching the net. Like a spider.

Karabiner-Elements has broken critically, built-in macOS's sticky keys are really bad and are unusable. So I am now trying out typing with no sticky keys. How do you all even do that?

NB. Sticky keys work like that. Let's take left shift for an example. You press it, and release it. Then you press letter k, and a capital K is written. You don't need to hold many keys simultaneously.

"Let me know If there's a feature you'll like to see removed from this program."

We are thrilled to release Fungal, a variable fork of DejaVu Sans that can grow like mycelium. Fungal is the fruit of an ongoing collaboration between @triple and @raphael , and is part of the larger project

๐Ÿ„ Download it here:

#mycology #typedesign #freesoftware #fungi #wikipedia

Emotions and venting, these are my newer skills I got in the last three years.

ok clearly this is my design now. My headโ€™s still in old school BBS-oriented retro stylings; this is almost all done with plain text and Unicode box drawing characters. (The Open Bookโ€™s font is stubbornly 8x16, a hard requirement thatโ€™s limiting, but necessary)

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