I feel like I want to make a wiki of absolutely everything I know, and then eventually it would just become this living library of my knowledge set, with some sort of filter for deadends to further explore and some way to string disparate things together

@brennan I expect a section dedicated to all things pizza

@joshavanier the amount of pizza knowledge I could unleash upon an unsuspecting world...

@brennan I've been thinking about doing something like this for a while as well. I'd love to read yours (especially anything relating to your work and/or screencaps of you work ing and talking about it)

@salamander definitely - I was thinking around categories for "things I've learned" and having a wiki for like, food or workout knowledge or investing, and then experimental things I'm personally learning like workflows for programs that have never been done before, or physical experiments with materials, etc.

@brennan @salamander Been extending my wiki for over a year now. In total has over 500 markdown files organized in a way I like. Perhaps you might find it interesting.

@nikivi @salamander @nikivi wow, the learn anything format for displaying linked nodes is interesting too - would love to build something like that but have more complex linkages between seemingly unrelated items (with maybe a description node to explain manual linkage reason?)

@brennan This makes me feel so happy to see you say these words. You can find all the help you need here.

@ian maybe.

I want more wiki-like interlinking. a library of folders is fine if your brain is linear

@brennan Yeah, I feel that. Are there good open source will engines to make this happen? I'd love to do the same.

@ian @brennan There are a ton. Choose your favourite language. I like how @nikivi does it, it's just a front-end to a github repo. It's one of the most impressive wikis I've stumbled upon.

@brennan started a project like this a while back and it has been a blast building out, still plenty or work to do

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