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"Don't worry, I got this - I come from a long line of clueless people who figured things out purely by means of dumb luck."

asking for recommendation/connections 

Fedi, can you help me find someone who is proficient with visual impairment accessibility tools? ideally, someone who actually uses them, but familiarity with accessibility practices is also okay. I'm looking for someone to "proofread" my two websites. I can pay, but not a lot. more context in the thread below.

A handful of thoughts that crossed my mind: About the conflict between creating a better world for all and getting our own needs met

Unwahrscheinlich, dass sich was ergibt, aber ich versuch's mal hier: Ich suche dringend Arbeit*, entweder angestellt** oder als Freelancer.

Ich kann / habe Erfahrung mit u.a.:
Nachhaltigkeits-/CSR-Beratung/Counselling, Prozessmanagement, Öffentlichkeitsarbeit/PR***, Gründungshilfe/Kollektivbetriebe****, Berichterstattung, Fördermittelanträge, business planning, u.s.w.

Gerne boosten.

(Anmerkungen weiter unten)

me: "Why am I always so tired?"

also me, spending hours chasing the billions of branching pathways from a single issue, sometimes chasing the root cause, sometimes chasing one of many probable outcomes, mostly sitting still and making a concerned face at the wall for 7 hours until i fall asleep

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As my bioethics professor would say, "It's best not to think too much about the implications of this"

US-centric form asking what state i live in 

uhh, state of despair?

I definitely want to hand in an abstract for , the question is, what should I talk about?

Love to see people on here work together on projects.

looking for a book 

don't suppose anyone about has a copy of "Racial Worldmaking: The Power of Popular Fiction" by Mark C Jerng that i could read?

medical expences, not having money, asking for donations 

My body is not exactly in cooperative mode, and I need someone who knows how bodies in my state need to be maintained to do some maintenance on it.

I've been postponing this because it's expensive. Postponing getting health care is not very healthy, so if anyone want's to chip in a bit I'll be eternally thankful.
My donation links are (one time) or (also one time, but it looks like it's recurring)

Jesper Juul mentions, in what is little more than a footnote, "spiritual competence", listing competences a child should have the chance to develop growing up, and I do think that's something that's missing these days all across society, from religious conservative family to secular pragmatics: to see one's own life and actions and those of others in a greater context and organise one's values and passions in accordance with that.

Update on :
English version should be completed (in text; layout will take a week as well) by the end of April. German version scheduled to be released at some point in May; further translations (including Norwegian) may follow suit depending on negotiations with possible translators and Svaberg Studio's own capacities and priorities.

Hmmm what do you use as a solvent when you want to make liquorice shots but like, alcohol-free

@brisling In my experience, we often believe what feels good. I.e. What suits our narrative, serves our self esteem, allows us to express our feelings (even if they are unfounded). My suspicion is that the more pleasurable we can make the process of appreciating nuance, the more likely it is that people will respond. In a way it is like parenting. Charitably making people self aware so they can develop the emotional intelligence required to notice their own errors and correct for them.

@brisling As someone with none of that background or experience, I'm still really fascinated by the question. I'll hazard an answer from my own ponderings on this.

Simplicity might not be a temptation so much as a matter of interest and accessibility; what kind of mental appetite one has on the issue, however they got it. So the consideration one puts into answers would depend on context and preference - how trodden the path, if that makes sense.

An important question that has come up again and again in both my private life and my life as a political activist with a background in sociology, that is gaining new relevance in the light of parenthood:

How do you get people, both children and adults, to cast off the temptation of accepting oversimplified analyses and to be scrupulous and precise when formulating explanations instead?

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