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"I have forced myself to contradict myself in order to avoid conforming to my own tastes."
(Marcel Duchamp)

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Bringing slow cargo back to the Hudson

To some, reviving sail freight might seem like a futile endeavor. For Merrett, the question is: why not grow a river-based economy that runs alongside a land-based counterpart? After all, the infrastructure already exists.

The whole discourse about "authoritarian" or "non-/anti-authoritarian" child-rearing is misleading imo - by its nature it always involves authority, the question is if a primary caretaker will go out and simply demand a position of power, or if they will be attentive and provide the leadership, trustworthiness, experience and guidance that children actively seek out in "their" adults.

I still can't get the idea of "Cyberpunk Nordic/Scandinavian backwaters" out of my head. This really feels like a setting I should use in a story.

"Historic anarchists viewed themselves as socialists and communists but almost never referred to themselves as left wing. One of the few examples is when Kropotkin claims that anarchists "constitute the left wing" of socialism."

I only use filters to make photos look more natural than what my camera made of the light. I wonder if this is a common thing.

My past has ended last weekend

And I've been forced to live in the present ever since

Anybody interested in reading a book review on my blog?

Japanese knotweed leaves!
This is dyed with japanese knotweed leaves. The more mutes colours are just the straight leaves, but the orange and pink tones are modified with washing soda.
I'm so excited with how the modified cotton turned out! This beautiful soft pink blush colour.

Working on some curtains for Pino :>. Each window will have its own, cut to size. I've made 3 so far, using fabric I found at a thrift store in town.

We had other blinds on the windows previously, but they didn't cut light out enough, and didn't cover all of the windows.

These block out light, and offer more privacy when we're at a dock with other boats around~

Die Polizei hat RΓ€ume und Privatwohnungen des Peng-Kollektivs durchsucht. Eine Karte mit kolonialen Gedenkorten soll ein Aufruf zu Straftaten sein.

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