First test of new heating in the boat. Smells weird but does a number on the cold.

I kinda want a solar powered watch so I can increase my efficiency at navigating the forest solely by the position of the sun while also staying true to my solarpunk ethos, but I don't really like the idea of buying one for the same reason.

being an adult just means you spend way too much time shuffling around piles of paper that you really don't care about whatsoever

tonight's good night song 

Scott Kelly - The Sun is Dreaming in the Soul

FΓΈkk it, I’ll spend the evening updating the Raspberry Pi that the chart plotter I built is running on.

The forest is giving me the chills tonight. Suppose it's one of those nights where it wants to be left alone because it's dreaming. You don't disturb the forest when it's dreaming.

I wrote kale in the caption, while this is in fact regular old pointed cabbage. Blame code switching.

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Federation (#FediBlock)
Reason: freeze peach, federation with known fash & libertarian instances, right-wing red flags

The greatest threats of our time - the destruction of our planet by greed; the destruction of decency by bigotry; and the destruction of the human soul by the spectacle.

SBC Meta, Block 

- A nazi activity pub instance that just popped up.

A game where you relive high school one day at a time for all four years and when you're done you pretend that's how it really went down and if anyone argues with you you just tell them to shut up and let you have this

We're getting started with the Merveilles Book Club! :D

so, now that we live in a post cyberpunk world this is what the corporate dystopia of the future looks like.

food, recipes 

any recipe: β€œadd 2/4/6/etc. cloves of garlic…”

me: [the whole bulb]

any recipe: β€œadd 1 [portion] cayenne”

me: adds at least 4

and so on

Ginger ale starter is taking off, the fermentation smell from this one is amazing. This is going to be delicious.

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