@brisling I'm only half-way in, but just wanted to ask if you've read Sailing The Farm, by Ken Neumeyer?

@brisling it wil BLOW YOUR MIND. One of the best reading on that topic that I've come across.

@neauoire Oh, okay! Everything I've come across on that subject so far was so... tentative.

@brisling The hydroponics farm on the LowTechLab catamaran is pretty neat, but it's not "soil".

@brisling You have a little typo here:

being a save(*safe), comfortable, and energy-efficient vehicle.

@neauoire Oh wait, it already was, since you've recommended it to me before.

@brisling Wow 50-footer! Can only imagine the deck space on a ship that big :>. Very exciting. Love how thorough this is, there is so much to consider on a moving vessel, esp one in a place with a cold winter.

@rek Thank you! I've spent a lot of time at the harbour just staring at boats of that class and thinking haha

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