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i'm brubsby, from austin texas, and i'm a computer artist (programming, pen plotting, pico-8, orca, demoscene, etc)

i eat a mostly plant based diet and own 5.36 kW of solar panels :)

i'm always looking for more project ideas and hope to be inspired by (and inspire) y'all!

cool website i found while trying to learn about microtones in music, online microtone keyboard:

just got an o'tool eurorack oscilloscope, put together a random patch so i could stare at all the waveforms my macro oscillator makes

why did nobody ever tell me there's a ghibli movie about tanuki doing ecoterrorism with their scrotums

unfortunately my meaningful project ideas list is empty

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took a week off work, feeling the productive boredom/isolation that often precedes my "strange mood" hyperfocus on some of my best projects

my current chosen method is craigslist but it seems so inefficient/dodgy, maybe ebay with a local pickup option/usps home pickup, idk. how do y'all get rid of unwanted stuff?

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trying to sell things I don't use anymore, always such a struggle for me because it's the intersection of not wanting to:
1. hoard
2. waste money
3. fill landfills
4. support problematic companies (goodwill etc.)
5. have social contact during pandemic
6. waste free time

also becoming more familiar with ffmpeg throughout all this, seems like an important life skill

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learning about subtitle formats and how to edit them in order to get around a missing feature of chromecast/videostream/vlc (support for image based subtitles)

messing around in vcv rack today, working on some ambient sounds (this one's wind)

mental health 

feeling kind of rudderless lately, unsure if it's burnout or just due to the general state of the world (not leaving my house much for ~80 days probably isn't helping either)

just feeling more scatterbrained than usual, unable to pick anything productive up again after putting it down for more than a day. anybody else having this?

only thing i need for it to be complete is a low friction way to view and edit the wiki from my phone, i have the files stored in dropbox primarily, but storing files on your phone is a paid feature for dropbox, and 11 bucks a month is a little steep

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working on moving all my scattered notes into

wiki style and backlinks seem super useful for organizing thoughts, i used to only use random text files and notes apps

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