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i'm brubsby, from austin texas, and i'm a computer artist (programming, pen plotting, pico-8, orca, demoscene, etc)

i eat a mostly plant based diet and own 5.36 kW of solar panels :)

i'm always looking for more project ideas and hope to be inspired by (and inspire) y'all!

hate that the options seem to be "gamble" or "beg"

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wish there was some way i could make a reliable income without having a standard megacorp programming job

are there any good open source pdf editing tools? i want to color invert text pdfs to make ebooks easier on my eyes

update: a helpful user on the hvac advice reddit is submitting a request to a public agency (on my behalf) to run their computational model of hvac efficiency with my equipment specs as input parameters.

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jk, my hvac unit was made in 2010, here's the performance data, but i can't seem to find a straight number for efficiency like SEER

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but to some degree it seems like hot water is essentially no extra cost now, since all the heat used to create it is taken from the conditioned space, and if that didn't happen, the (likely less efficient) AC would have to pick up all that slack anyway

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there's lots of small inefficiencies that would likely make it less efficient overall (steam/moisture creation inside, energy used for treating municipal water, cost of water usage (although this one is oddly negligible)), but it would be funny if it was more efficient on paper.

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currently trying to figure out the SEER rating of my hpwh (manufactured in 2020) to compare it to my actual air conditioner (manufactured in 1993 i think), because it would be funny if turning on a hot water faucet in my house ended up being a more efficient way to cool my house

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making a bunch of repeating calendar reminders to service this thing so that it lasts forever

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behold, i have replaced my old gas water heater with a heat pump water heater that will air condition my (usually very hot) studio with solar power while heating water

made a version of the animation in a tweetcart, (tootcart?) which is just a pico8 cartridge in <280 characters:

for i=-14,14do z=7*sin(q)j=i%5*3+20*sgn(i)e=q/8+i/28o(16,43+j+z,112,67+j+z,0)x=62+48*cos(e)y=72+z+12*sin(e)if(i%7==0)then o(x+2,y-37,x+2,y+15)else
end end flip()goto ♪

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I regret to inform you the original reason I was making a bolero animation was for this 10 hour video idea

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tracked down the original artist so i could give proper credit (Jean-Louis Lassez) and emailed him just to make sure, and he sent me back this lovely email. honestly the most motivating piece of feedback i've ever received

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pretty happy with how it turned out! i have one more idea for the animation, but rendering for that estimated 4 hours... so maybe tomorrow lol

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