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i'm brubsby, from austin texas, and i'm a computer artist (programming, pen plotting, pico-8, orca, demoscene, etc)

i eat a mostly plant based diet and own 5.36 kW of solar panels :)

i'm always looking for more project ideas and hope to be inspired by (and inspire) y'all!


really frustrating to not be able to do like the simplest little thing for the environment when i'm actively trying to throw money and time at it, especially because i know that means everybody around me isn't even trying at all, and there's no incentives for them to

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my 21 year old natural gas water heater finally broke, so i want to switch to a super efficient electric heat pump water heater (that also cools the air around it) to complement my solar panels, but every single company/person i talk to is completely baffled by my request, and has no experience doing any sort of green building and just turns me away.

slowly working my way down the free ones on this list to see if any of these pass the vibe check, anybody have any recs? I just want like a piano roll midi editor i can play external midi instruments with.

oneohtrix point never has always been a big influence and yesterday i listened to their discography like all day.

apparently the hot new game "fall guys" has an html injection problem with usernames, so naturally i had to workshop the most annoying one

all in service of learning more about video/audio editing and getting better at workflows for my modular though. my weakest point atm seems to be midi file editing, anybody have a good open source one they use? MidiEditor is free and okay but leaves a lot to be desired.

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i think it's based off of the chat logs of a p2p chatroom in a filesharing site i'd never heard of (which is somehow the primary home to all breakcore discussion)

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came upon an "ethnography of breakcore":

i think i had originally googled "elements of breakcore" or something and then this research paper nerd-sniped me

the eurorack module i bought and was looking forward to using arrived damaged :( i could just solder the capacitor back on but don't want to be liable if the module doesn't work afterwards

cool website i found while trying to learn about microtones in music, online microtone keyboard:

just got an o'tool eurorack oscilloscope, put together a random patch so i could stare at all the waveforms my macro oscillator makes

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