stumbling around in blender trying to make an animated version of a picture

well i haven't given up yet, i guess this means i need to figure out how to properly render

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looks good enough i guess, not sure about blender rendering techniques

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pretty happy with how it turned out! i have one more idea for the animation, but rendering for that estimated 4 hours... so maybe tomorrow lol

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I regret to inform you the original reason I was making a bolero animation was for this 10 hour video idea

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made a version of the animation in a tweetcart, (tootcart?) which is just a pico8 cartridge in <280 characters:

for i=-14,14do z=7*sin(q)j=i%5*3+20*sgn(i)e=q/8+i/28o(16,43+j+z,112,67+j+z,0)x=62+48*cos(e)y=72+z+12*sin(e)if(i%7==0)then o(x+2,y-37,x+2,y+15)else
end end flip()goto ♪

@brubsby Oh I saw this on Twitter too! Really incredible job to fit that in such a small cart. Lovely!

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