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@TechnicolorRainbow And since the voting was a tie, we'll be discussing Snow Crash, by Neal Stephenson on Thursday, July 1 at 20:00 EDT.

This is only 3 weeks after the other book, but since there's lot of advance warning and many people have already read it, I think this enough time.

We'll meet on Jitsi. Reminders will be sent out occasionally.

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I'm on the newest episode of the Handmade Network Podcast. We talking about teaching and learning low-level programming while everything is conspiring against you, Pascal and C, weird compiler stuff, GUI stuff, and how your computer hates you.

I'm having a great deal of fun browsing Gemini spaces. My favorite client so far is "amfora", and the "twins" server is really good as well.

I also set up my own geminispace! gemini://

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This seems interesting: The Open Book Project - "The Open Book aims to be a simple device that anyone with a soldering iron can build for themselves."

Any German speakers on here? Wondering if anyone can recognize this short mysterious audio clip from the Xbox UI. (Not sure if it's German either though).

Really interesting how when you're selecting text in System 7, it's just inverting the pixels under the selection rectangles, regardless of what's underneath it (as evidenced by this garbage left here by a program crashing).

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Wrote another blog post about the cool DIY thermostat I built a while back.

Obviously, assume you can’t bring anything physical with you when you time travel besides your own body. This means you could arm yourself with knowledge about how to *make* money in the past, I suppose.

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Interesting thought experiment: how would you send money to yourself if you were traveling backwards in time?

The problem is easy if you’re traveling forwards; just bury some gold, buy bonds, etc. But what about backwards?

Latest in the Linux phone adventures. The Nokia N900 running postmarketOS! Very cool!

Update on the Ubuntu Touch situation: it definitely seems like an abandoned project. Performance is quite bad on the OnePlus One and there's very poor software availability (and the fact that it has such an old set of packages means it's pretty hard to build things from source too).

Definitely looking forward to the Purism Librem 5 instead (I'm a backer!). Gnome apps and mainline kernel would be so amazing!

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Does anyone have a good minimalist Emacs config? Big fan of spacemacs, but it feels so heavy and I’m not really interested in using Emacs as an IDE.

Anyone using Ubuntu Touch? I just ordered a OnePlus One (very cheap) to try it out.

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