Latest in the Linux phone adventures. The Nokia N900 running postmarketOS! Very cool!

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@buzzert beautiful! I’d love to pick one up to test for myself ^^

@buzzert Dumb question. Can you still make phone calls and send text messages with it ?

@antharia Phone call support is pretty spotty, but apparently you can send SMSs. At least most of the chat programs I use can be ported over!

@buzzert Nice! I did mine two weeks ago. What are you planning on using it for?

@gendor I want to try and see if I can live on it. It can't run a modern web browser, but it might be an exercise in trying to enjoy other, less flashy parts of the web

@gendor Oh speaking of that (since you have one too), do you know of a good web browser? I was thinking about trying out Dillo with SSL support compiled in.

@buzzert Haven’t tried yet, but was thinking of using Lynx or Links. Dillo looks like a good option!

@dualhammers It's not bad, but modern web browsers pretty much don't work at all. For command line stuff though, it's fairly usable.

@buzzert This is awesome!! What's the performance like? Also, what's the device to the left? :)

@lsh Performance is okay for simple programs, but it can't run a modern web browser at all. The device on the left is my GPD Pocket 2! I love that thing.

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