I have finally been playing with for real. It's mindblowing how much you can do with so little code.

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@caffeine and when you think that you've reduced a problem to the central point, you'll come back to it again next month and can solve it when even less code.

@caffeine I just wrote this little line and it made me think of your toot.

I needed to copy the value at an address hidden behind a pointer, to the following address, so pointer*+fe and pointer*+ff would have the same value.

I had a very gross series of opcodes to do it yesterday, this morning, I went back to it and solved it in 12 bytes.

@neauoire Yeah, feels like you are playing a Zachtronics game, but you doing real stuff. It's spellbound.

The language is so simple that you can keep programming in your mind outside the computer.

I started my experiments with pen and paper, just playing with the stack. Looking up opcodes when needed.

I can't wait to be more proficient. But I'm happy with what I know right now. Thanks for making it.

And thanks to @sejo for the intro video and guides. The whiteboard usage was magic.

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