@FredBednarski love this BTW fdisk.space/smartphonefix/ — I'm doing something very close to it by pushing most of my usage to the desktop and dropping mobile availability (by leaving it in another room, for example)

Assorted open loops in my mind right now:

- What’s the easiest way to get a webapp prototype developed today? Thinking post-rails revolution, and without react as overhead. I want to go from database modeling to deployed in a couple hours if not a lot of business logic.
- Do tabletop dungeon games really benefits from room sizes and doors? What if we dropped this somehow?

parenting, kids 

Spent the entire day offline with the kid. Always humbling.

Improving my dungeon synth player setup. Still not there (this cable is fugly) but making progress.

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@mrus love your website. what's your dial baseline on the comandante for the aram?


Hi Merveilles, my name is Caffo (also know as Rodrigo Franco) and I do somewhat weird things over the internet. I love books, coffee, and I'm what be called a Ditherpunk.

More info here: rodrigofranco.com/

Nice to meet you all!


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