Really happy with my new oda speakers. Listened to a live gong shower this morning that was amazing

So many 'slice of life' animes and so few adult books on the same genre. I really need to step up my Japanese game to search for untranslated ones.

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Added a page about 'Japanese books about nothing' to my site. Recommendations are very welcome

Everybody wants to be somebody so long as that somebody is not themselves.

@neauoire what's a good learning path to be able to properly play with , coming from a ruby? 8086 ASM -> forth -> unx?

a number of books and games uses terms like O— city and H— university instead of real place names. Why is that? Is it a way to make it generic or is this a system used in ? Seeing that again on The Decagon House Murders

just using it as a remote screen for a rpi would work for me.

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Anyone successfully installied Linux on an amazon echo show? With a 40% keyboard, it would work well as a dev machine.

@neauoire which wm do you use? Is there a write-up about your current desktop env?

Made my first pour over after months of espressos. Over extracted but still good.

Books. The flood of words passing through my retina, into my brain, taking me out of here, into a blissful respite.

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