Cave Noire is still one of the best minimalistic rogue-likes ever made.

@caffo I love cave noire, I wish there was more games in that style - short runs, enemies that follow simple rules, screen to screen transitions.

I know that most of those "features" are due to the hardware limitations, but it makes for a quite an interesting take on the roguelike genre.

@FredBednarski completely agree. Limitations used wisely to improve flavor and gameplay.

@FredBednarski @caffo Cave Noire is like one of my favorite games of all time! I discovered it just a few months before SSFF reviewed it, which pretty much never happens (I’m not that into video games). But it’s so clean and deep. I had struggled to get into Nethack and such but Cave Noire is like the best stepping stone.

I also really dislike when rogues make you stronger and stronger (that to me breaks the main appeal of a rogue), but I do enjoy Cave Noire’s take on progress very much, where you get harder and harder missions.

@Sandra @caffo I think I knew of its existence before SSFF (was doing some research on console roguelikes), but only after their video I really got into it.

I wish there was more RLs in that style. Its pretty much made for someone taking a stab at it during 7DRL. Maybe, one day, when my programming is up to snuff, I will take a stab at it :)

@FredBednarski @caffo

I wear SSFF’s t-shirt in some of my photos on here, I’ve been into them since the Journey to Silius video.♥
But I was totes grinding Cave Noire all the time just before they mentioned it. That pretty much never happens♥🤘📼📼💾🐎

@FredBednarski @caffo Alchemical Dungeons is a proprietary rogue that’s a little bit longer runs and less good than CN but somewhat works. The longer runs make it more painful to die💔 Fatal Labyrinth on Genesis is OK too.

I got a reco for Caves of Qud but the problem is that it uses pulseaudio (and apulse doesn’t hack it). Also I don’t like playing video games at the desk. If it comes out for 2DS then yes.🐢🎂🎂

@Sandra @FredBednarski another fun portable roguelike is monster gate for the GBA. It’s Japan-only but easily playable.

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