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Glad to have a bit of time today to playtest my solo OSR thing.

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ttrpg, OSR 

@caffo Have you got a module/zine to recommend ? Or some readings ?
Right now, i'm reading Knock #1.

ttrpg, OSR 

@antharia this looks amazing! I’m deep into solo games, so I have been obsessing over scarlet heroes

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@caffo @antharia SH is 1v1, not all solo like Ironsworn. But maybe that’s what you meant?

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@Sandra @antharia there are some tables by the end of the book to run SH solo.

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@Sandra @antharia @caffo You can play any RPG solo if you're brave enough ;)

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One of the purpose of the traditional DM/player split is adjudication, while another is information separation. Some modules, OSR especially, are really set up to leverage the “20 questions effect”, the “Zendo” effect. “What happens if I do this.” They leverage it to create a sense of exploration and discovery that’s core to those games appeal.

This is not to diminish any of those games and mods and oracles out there that are built for solo. I’ve tried some of them, they are great.

That’s also not to say that the AC/HD system of Scarlet Heroes can’t work. I’ve paid my dues in the random generator at the end of AD&D DMG.

So I’m neither saying that solo games can’t work nor that non-solo games couldn’t be ported over to a solo setup, but, not by the same person that’s gonna play it.

Take B4 The Lost City as an example. The best TSR module. It is, as a text, set up to leverage and make hay out of the convenience of having a non-playing referee participant be the one that reads the book and then manages reveals and interactions with puzzles and such.

Again, not slagging the idea of solo games, just that I really wanna value those who design games and oracles that do take into account the special limitations and possibilities of solo. That’s why I disagree with the statement “any RPG can be played solo”. Just as Zendo or 20 Questions can’t (now, one can make solitaire activities based on both of those games, for example trying to quantify the minimum and maximum amounts of guesses needed for a particular datum, but it’s not the same game).

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