I have been drinking a single cup of coffee per day for the last 15 days. I expected it to be more challenging, but it's not been that bad.

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@neauoire caffeine dependence. I've been shugging about 4 cups a day for the last few months.

@caffo Oh yeah, okay. 4 is a lot 0_o, are you thinking about continuing with the detox?

@neauoire at least for a month. I love experimenting with different methods, so it’s hard to not drink when the cup is ready :)

@neauoire but having a single cup made me more mindful of enjoying it. I like that.

@caffo on the boat, we only drink 1 cup per day, and we hand grind the coffee with a manual grinder each day, and brew the coffee with a moka pot that takes a while, the whole process is long and tedious enough that it probably deters us from having it too often.

@neauoire it take too long to grind it or to brew? How many grams of coffee you use for the two of you?

@caffo we make 2 espressos (1/8th cup each of coffee), it takes about 7-8 minutes to grind.

@neauoire @caffo Checkout this manual espresso thing: While it doesn't get as much pressure as commercial electrical machines (of course) it's quite good and quite better than moka pots. Has 10 year guarantee and you can probably find it used online

@epilys @caffo I've seen thoses from time to time. I have my doubts that it can make a better coffee than mokapot.

If I find one used local I might give it a shot.

@neauoire @epilys I ordered an Aram coffee maker after reading good things from multiple sources (including @mrus). Should arrive by end of June.

@caffo @epilys @mrus We use a little ceramic camping grinder from GSI.

We've used it every day for 5 years, it survived salt water, crashing around the cabin. That thing is invincible.

@neauoire @epilys @mrus pretty good. I had some fancy Japanese manual grinders that lasted 3 months.

@mrus @caffo @neauoire While we're at this topic, for cold brew filter coffee I recommend this slow dripper:

@mrus @neauoire @epilys I have a comandante here waiting for the aram. Will shamelessly reproduce your setup for traveling.

@caffo you will not regret it! :-) Hope you find a good supplier for freshly roasted beans in the area you’re in.

@caffo i'll start following you on this, starting today! lately i've been drinking around 3 cups per day

@caffo I try to keep it under 2 cups a day on average but it usually creeps up to about 3-4 over time

I do a 2 week detox with absolutely no caffeine about once a year and that usually sets me right again (after a massive headache of course)

@kevin Yeah, I see it creeping up to 3-4 over time here too.

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