a number of books and games uses terms like O— city and H— university instead of real place names. Why is that? Is it a way to make it generic or is this a system used in ? Seeing that again on The Decagon House Murders

@caffo Yeah, I've also seen that in Japanese books. Older Western books (19th, early 20th) sometimes does the same thing, Poe for example. I also often see it for brand names in Japanese books, I really appreciate that.

@Sandra Is this for sake of making it less important? If yes, I think it's brilliant.

@caffo Hmm, I don't know for sure. It just has always made sense to me; it has many effects. It makes it anonymous, generic, makes it so that the book doesn't contradict other info, makes it less of an advertisement, it feels more believable, IDK.

Here is stack exchange

@Sandra thanks for the link. I agree with you. Same as using 20XX and such. I will continue digging for more ❤️

@Sandra @caffo Decagon House Murders wears Western influence on its sleeve, so I suspect it's deliberately evoking Western novels on that point. Nineteenth century novels did it to project verisimilitude under the guise of "protecting the subjects" of the book.

@lrhodes @Sandra agreed. The use of western nicknames is a nice touch. But i see this happening a lot on modern Japanese games. Spirit Hunter: Death Mark comes to mind with H City and H Elementary.

@caffo @Sandra Yeah, I don't know about the broader context. Thinking back on some of the older Japanese texts I've encountered (in translation) I seem to recall some similarly self-censored proper names, so maybe there's a chthonic tradition as well. If so, my guess would be that both the Western and Eastern practices derive from a similar source: court culture, and the proprieties that obtain around it.

@caffo @Sandra I haven't, though it's on my to-read list. That one's more of a procedural, right?

@lrhodes @caffo I've seen it in a ton of stuff, not just when evoking Western novels.
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