Since the release, I've been using roam research daily, but I'm toying with the idea of minimizing my computer energy footprint. Does anyone know of a good terminal-based ?

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@caffo I'd be surprised if the people haven't made something at least close enough. It does look like there is an official major mode for outlines.

@csepp there’s an outline mode for enacts, but I would love to find a small binary that done just outlining.

@caffo @csepp FWIW, #emacs *is* a pretty small binary (at least in terms of file size.) It also in addition to outline-mode has the built in org-mode which offers extremely flexible note-taking/outlining functionality. On top of that, there's also a third-party package called org-roam which implements the same sort of zettlekasten style database that roam research does.

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