Happy new year. I know this is a heated question, but which vanilla cherry compatible switch are closest to topre? Here my options:

I’m getting a new Shinobi Tex and I miss the HHKB feel.

@caffo Former Topre lover here. I most often hear brown but haven't tried them myself. I was convinced to switch from Topre to Kaihl Speed Copper and it took months to get used to it and now I love it. KSC is Cherry compatible IIUIC.
@caffo What I liked about Topre is how they would clearly actuate before bottoming out yet be way softer than buckling springs. Since the reason I personally use mechanical (over domes or scissors) is that I don't wanna bottom out, "hard click" to me seems like it'd be almost as bad as bottoming out.

Kaihl speed coppers are way softer still than Topre. To the point that I sometimes don't know of it clearly actuated (and actuated just once), which is a huge drawback with the KSC. But Topre now feel uncomfortably hard for me after getting used to KSC.

@caffo idk about vanilla switches made by cherry but box royals and zealios are probably the switches i've tried that are closest to topre out of everything

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