All the slot machines on the internet (email, social media) are getting me into a state where I feel that a mental breakthrough is just around the corner. I just need to keep pulling the spinner. I'm sure this is unhealthy.

@caffo it sure is, and there's no way to stop it at all

@rozina the evolution from text to images/video and currently to the smallest fragment of video that can keep eyeballs on (TikTok-like systems) is insane. It’s not even content anymore—it is a direct subconscious conversation. And the AI behind it knows and keeps feeding our brains with more and more. It’s doom-scrolling at the eleventh.

@caffo with tiktok, you don't even have to scroll, since it does that for you, making you watch the next video without having any time at all to process the first one, which i think is depressing, since it turns people into even more passive consumers than they already were

@rozina yes, but by scrolling down, you are teaching the AI what you like. I made a test once where I watched videos presenting ice cubes without scrolling (opting out), and in a minute or so, most videos had ice cubes in them. Scary.

@rozina I agree that bombarding users with nonstop videos is part of the secret sauce.

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