Really happy with my new oda speakers. Listened to a live gong shower this morning that was amazing

Got this painting as a birthday gift from a friend for my dungeon synth tape deck setup

Toying with a dice roller device for my solo dungeon crawler OSR game.

ttrpg, OSR 

Glad to have a bit of time today to playtest my solo OSR thing.

Cave Noire is still one of the best minimalistic rogue-likes ever made.

And it's done, I think. Kudos to BlindCherub on the birdside for his help with the tears.

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90’s, capitalism, sarin gas 

I need this book in my life.

Making progress on the UI. Using SF Mono Light and a better transparency setting.

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I started a new project this week; A translucent bar that shows an editable string. It appears randomly around the middle of the screen, reminding me of what I’m supposed to be doing. Mac only for now. I named it 雪道 (setsudo -- moderation; a change for the better).

Making progress. Moved to a RCA cable in the back going through the books.

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Improving my dungeon synth player setup. Still not there (this cable is fugly) but making progress.


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