I finally got a new LTRAC trackball. My original one lasted ten years, and it was beyond repair. So good.

programming question 

@glyph I prefer what is about to be done. with an "OK" in the end if it could fail.

"Initializing database... OK"

death mention (abstract art) 

They are not perfect by any means, but I could use any of these as the basis for a very nice illustration.

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Been playing with Mindjourney. It's the first ai generator that suits well with me. Going to share some of the best images I come up with in this thread.

@neauoire I was planning on having a sheet and change the position using css. To save calls. But yeah, it’s not a lot.

@neauoire nope just in a single page. But I’m going to use them a lot on it.

I have 10 icons I want to use in an html page. Is sprite sheet over css better than loading ten small images?

COVID, health issues 

Finally covid free. 10 days of hell.

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