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Early morning car trip (a six-hour drive). Trading favors for sugar.

Cave Noire is still one of the best minimalistic rogue-likes ever made.

What are the best web to proxy you know? Not talk about readability hacks that converts articles to Gemini files. I never found anything worth using for general navigation.

And I have been listening to this sideral fortress tape a lot. The prog-rock end is delightful.

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bad coffee, self harm 

The kid is out for a couple of hours. Indulging myself with some sugary instant coffee (oh, the heresy!) and the amazing picador modern classics edition of The Virgin Suicides.

And it's done, I think. Kudos to BlindCherub on the birdside for his help with the tears.

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Having fun setting up my own nitter and invidious instances to use with privacy redirect.

90’s, capitalism, sarin gas 

I need this book in my life.

“See that Starbucks cup on the ground? Caramel macchiato, according to the investigation. That’s the key to this bloody tale of ramen and revenge. The cup was the killer’s—she was sipping that macchiato moments before committing murder. It’s a fact. A fact that the authorities and the media have completely neglected.” “Interesting.” “Unusual, right?” “Ramen and Starbucks? Highly unusual.” (Hideo Furukawa — Slow Boat)

Weekend experiment: recutils as a database engine for a static website. Data is managed on the console and then converted to json and consumed by the website engine ( upon compilation. Why recutils? Field types mostly.

Making progress on the UI. Using SF Mono Light and a better transparency setting.

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I started a new project this week; A translucent bar that shows an editable string. It appears randomly around the middle of the screen, reminding me of what I’m supposed to be doing. Mac only for now. I named it 雪道 (setsudo -- moderation; a change for the better).

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