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So happy that LTRAC Trackballs are on the market again. My first one has been overused for seven years, and the tiny PCB is starting to break. I can finally get a new one (and try to fix the original one)

Happy new year. I know this is a heated question, but which vanilla cherry compatible switch are closest to topre? Here my options:

I’m getting a new Shinobi Tex and I miss the HHKB feel.

Day 9 of is for Summoning, a band I’ve been in love with for a long time. Nothing quite matches their mix of black metal, dungeon synth and tolkien-infused fantasy ambient

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Best GPT-3 based web app/API/script/notebook to create quality content from bullet points?

Almost six months without a side project. Still need a bit more time to rest and relax before getting back.

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