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Been playing with Mindjourney. It's the first ai generator that suits well with me. Going to share some of the best images I come up with in this thread.

I have 10 icons I want to use in an html page. Is sprite sheet over css better than loading ten small images?

COVID, health issues 

Finally covid free. 10 days of hell.

@minimaldotclick I'd say avoid using LMMS if you can. There's a long answer for this, but the gist is that it their core sound engine is basically somewhere between objectively bad and just broken (and beyond repair). Don't let the pretty UI trick you.

Ardour might have it's quirks, but it's much more solid than LMMS.

Any old-school following the art style of the original Parasyte (Kiseijū) or Uramiya Honpo?

So happy that I decided to read Oyasumi Punpun for the first time after getting older. It's amazing.

Thanks again Devine — now I just need to find time to play more with uxntal and get comfortable. I can read most programs and write some crude stuff, but really need to get better.

Billy Chaka books are a guilty pleasure of mine — Tokyo noir written with a sprinkle of absurdist comedy. Alway re-reading it.


I am Eli, I am 31 y/o from Spain. I am nonbinary and Ace/Aro + Bi. I am disabled, I got very sick on 2016 and I am still there lol. I am neurodiverse and quite mentally ill, with some trauma and stuff.

Also! I am learning programming, pixel art (which makes me super happy!!!) and I would love to write again. I enjoy fantasy and sci-fi a lot. I love reading, watching stuff and playing videogames!

And I wrote a lot lmao.

All I want is a Neil Stephenson book without the crazy stuff. Just 2k pages of daily activities of a group of people.

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