I accidentally searched for "Astrology software" instead of "Astronomy software" and aesthetically I'm obsessed.

@calutron i unironically love these; the entire astrology/biorhythms/sacred mathematics cottage industry is obsessed with making very simple math look *extremely* high-tech and/or complex.

@calutron @neauoire “The fact that houses consider the local horizon, and zodiac positions consider the ecliptic, and standard house systems attempt to use ecliptic coordinates to fully define houses, can be considered a distorted model and therefore less accurate astrology.”


"Now witness the power of this fully armed and operational battle station!"

@calutron @neauoire this is pretty awesome looking. I was doing some work with near-Earth coordinate frames last week and dang, if I had a visualizer like this I’d be pretty happy

@calutron Yeah I love the way Astrolog looks even if its all a bunch of hooey!

@calutron I've made a couple of clock programs inspired by it. I should get one of them into a usable state (or probably rewrite at this point because it was over a decade ago).

@calutron These are the kind of astronomy animations I've been looking for. :)

@calutron woah that looks amazing! Something about it reminds me of playing around with Xephem as a kid, although I'll admit that Xephem isn't quite as aesthetic

@calutron It really is beautifully rendered, I wish more visualizers would go with an aliased style.

Looking at it instantly made me go "damn, If I ever make my space game, it's got to look like this".

@calutron registering my limited campanus with campanus house


This reminds me of a classic Mac application— I'd link it if I could find it— that read you your fortune by dealing you cards, whose borders were beautiful pixel art.

It also played wind chimes somehow.

@calutron Some people say medicine could learn a lot about bedside manner from alternative medicine.

Perhaps astronomy could learn a lot about presentation from astrology?
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