@neauoire is there some extravagant orca test file that exercises as many things as possible at once?

@neauoire I just realized I was wrong about C89 and 'return 0' at the end of main. It is required in C89 but not required in C99 and later...

@tehn I've had this guy since 2007 :) Followed me here to Tokyo.

I think the only web browser software I like using is the Fastmail client.

@neauoire going to do some minor housekeeping on the orca-c code. Just fixing some typos and small formatting mistakes.

Did a Ghibli cleaning sequence on my office.

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Today I woke up and saw someone posting an article entitled "If You Are Not Happy with the State of Magic, Stop Giving Wizards Your Money"

It's about Magic the Gathering, but man. It really took me a minute.

Spent multiple days (!) overhauling how I handle email. Maybe I won't hate it, now. We'll see.

(I receive a torrent of "not technically spam, but email I don't want" -- dozens or hundreds per day, sometimes. Often sent by real people, but to the "wrong" person. Or other people using my address to sign me up for accounts or given to hotel check-in desk or store clerk as a "fake" email address. It finally caused me to miss a very important email a few weeks ago. See: krebsonsecurity.com/2020/09/th )

@neauoire I noticed the headers in the readme markdown file on sr.ht for orca don't display the code spans as intended (right is GitHub.)

I used the same Panasonic electric shaver for 7 years. Bought a new one last week. I might have kept the old one longer, if I was handy. Motor vibration became too much.

The new model's auto cleaning base station (optional extra) does away with disposable plastic cartridges. Instead, you can fill it with detergent however you like. There's an extra step once a month: you have to clean out the non-disposable filter, instead of throwing it away as part of a disposable plastic unit.


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@cancel Thanks for letting me borrow your cyberdeck, sorry but it got roughed up a bit.

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Marina showers used to work on a timer with coins, now you pay with a card that you can top up electronically. Today the server is down, and so the showers don't work, and staff can't get into the room to fix it. No showers for anyone today.
Kind of a shit system. Same thing would happen during a power outage.

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@neauoire Hmm, why does the orca-cookbook repository have the same readme as the orca/orca-c repository? Seems kinda confusing?

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