Looking for suggestions for a general-purpose outline (vector) icon set for a desktop application. The icons need to read well at 96 DPI and small sizes. Paid/commercial offerings are fine.

@somnius we got it sorted by me just making the font size bigger in general. thanks for the help :)

In HTML/CSS, is there really no way to increase the font size (to a legible size) on phones or small devices only?

A lesson. If you're going to be forcibly patronizing, and not allow users to control things, and box in other devs: don't fuck up. Really, don't fuck up. Because you removed your ability to excuse yourself by denying agency to others. (The other web companies are just as bad.)

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I've released PhantomStyle, a cross-platform QStyle for Qt. github.com/randrew/phantomstyl

(if you saw this page an hour ago, I've just now also added screenshots)

@npisanti email me cancel at cancel.fm or use the merveilles Slack or message me using Keybase Chat. mastodon is not good for conversations (imo)

@neauoire make sure you pull again before editing orca-c, i made a couple of cleanups a few minutes ago

@neauoire do you think you should link to orca-c from the orca js github readme? it seems like some people don't realize it exists but are glad it does.

Multi-person conversations on Mastodon are a nightmare

@neauoire why does the OSC operator in OrcaJS have parameters set up like the old way in Orca-c, before you merged the PR that changed the parameters to all be on the right side?

@neauoire undo doesn't seem to work in dotgrid on chrome in windows. it should be ctrl+z, right?

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