Combination electric moka pot and USB-C battery bank laptop dock and duck

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This guy has got it sorted. What a life. We walked down the canal, fed the ducks and geese, and the sun surprised everyone by making an appearance. There was a beautiful barge for sale... maybe in 20 years once the kids have left home.

Note for Ripcord users: Slack changed their username & password sign-in format yet again, and Ripcord will need to be updated for it. In the meantime, the "Import from Browser" option in Ripcord works fine, so just use that instead.

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released a little racing game with team minit today! $3, all proceeds will go to charity, forever. first up is doctors without borders.

made over the course of a month, i did art + animation

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Reserved identifiers in C

You aren't supposed to create identifiers that match these patterns, if you're trying to write portable, future-proof C code. But you probably are. We all are.

Because these rules aren't nice, and you won't be warned that you've broken one.

Is it worth it?

Adapted from

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Cosmopolitan C Library: "build-once run-anywhere c without devops"

Purports to create small ~40kb executables that run on Linux, Mac, Windows, FreeBSD, and OpenBSD. In the same binary.

Taking a day off from AoC. Already in the middle of doing something else that's fun, and I don't want to stop :)

(The challenge looks like it will be fun, though.)

AoC 2020 day 15 

51 minutes to try to understand wtf the description was. Really hard to understand.
30 seconds of programming for part 1. Changed 1 line and reran it for part 2, submitted that answer within 20 seconds of part 1. 🤷 Not a fan of today's.

AoC 2020 day 13, part 2, can't solve 

I don't know how to solve this problem. Is there some bit of math knowledge about prime numbers I'm missing? I don't know much about number theory.

I've never had to look at a hint for an AoC day before, and I don't want to start now, so I might drop out.

I don't recognize any of the people on the Merveilles leaderboard who are still participating.

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