@cblgh actually, embedding native code into HyperCard stacks is pretty seamless... Stick a blob of 68k code that does anything you want. Call it. Terms: XCMD, XFCN

@neauoire figured out how to get external images into hypercard yet? :)

@neauoire @cblgh Basilisk II seems like kind of a mess on Windows... you have to download 6 separate things from forum threads, extract them on top of each other and overwrite specific files, then edit some of the files, and install a specific version of GTK+2 for 32-bit WIndows... maybe Mini vMac is a better choice

@neauoire do I still need to do this Hypercard writeup and packaging thing? Since it's voluntary and not part of any rules

@cblgh It turned out to be a misunderstanding. It was two different events, originally. I can see why you thought I was being overbearing.

Someone got mad at me and is trying to subscribe my email address to thousands of mailing lists. Guess I can't use email anymore.

I don't really like Blender that much, but holy smokes there are some amazingly well-designed addons for it.

@neauoire How do you want to handle distributing the Macintosh VM? We can just make a webpage for it explaining how to use it, links to run it in browser or download + Basilisk II, or something. Also a short paragraph of text of how to make the floppy disk image for submission.

@neauoire OK, time to think about the art exhibit/compo thing :)

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I will be streaming livecoding on the Euler Room Equinox stream in about 10 minutes(7pm JST), come and hang out.

@neauoire have you thought about the art/compo/whatever thing more? what to call it?

@neauoire I was thinking about that "old digital tools" art compo idea. Do you have any ideas for format rules?

Newer system does everything the old one did, in fewer lines of code, and is faster at runtime, and compiles faster, and generates smaller machine code. The only way I got here was by implementing it 3 times over 3 years. (Original oldest version for Discord, then a much better one for Slack 1 year later, and now the newest one replaces the old Discord one again.)

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Rewrote a subsystem in Ripcord, in-place, swapping out the old system for the new incrementally. Took 4 days. Removed almost 1000 lines of code just from the design being better, gained through experience.

27 files changed, 3284 insertions(+), 4172 deletions(-)

Trying to keep the C++ beast in the cage. Smaller and faster 3 releases in a row.

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