Forgot to mention this also fixes Slack accounts with 2FA/MFA enabled being unable to authenticate or reauthenticate with user&password sign-in method. Caused by server-side change, but now Ripcord handles it. (Browser import method was unaffected.)

Added it to the changelog.

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Ripcord 0.4.26 (Slack & Discord client) released:

Live GUI theme editor, duplicate notification suppression for Slack, middle-mouse button scrolling, fixed stuck failed file upload messages for Discord, and more.

Full changelog:

Next update to Ripcord will add a live theme editor

Another "finally" for the next update of Ripcord: option to show popup notifications even when the app is already in the foreground.

(previously, with just a checkbox: no way to have "always")

Video is clipped off in the web preview for some reason 🤷

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Next version of Ripcord will finally have live theme changing
(including a custom theme, if you use one)

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@neauoire @sigrid the readme on the sr hut repo of orca-c is still wrong... I brought the github version to back before the file was trashed, but I don't know what you guys want to do about the one you have hosted on sr hut because there are commits after the the file got trashed

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@neauoire ah ok, I think you meant to restore the file to its previous state, but you somehow pasted an earlier version back in

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Another full-featured third-party client for Slack has appeared:

Looks good, too! (Mac only)

@neauoire why did you overwrite in the sr hut version with a bad old version of the readme file? what happened?

@neauoire And it means you have to leave the GitHub 'master' branch as stale forever... not good

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@neauoire Deleting and recreating the readme file is kind of gross, it permanently ruined the git blame history on that file :/

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@neauoire the GitHub repo for orca-c is out of date... if you want to direct people to another site but keep the GitHub repo working, just disable the issues and wiki, create a new branch (like notice-moved), modify the readme in that branch, and set that branch as the default when visiting the repo in a web browser.

Then the real 'master' can be left alone with the real repo contents, to avoid breaking other people's guides etc. on the internet.

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