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Wrote another blog post about the cool DIY thermostat I built a while back.

@neauoire the main image on the orca-c repo readme is broken somehow

@somnius have you seen this happen before? (i'm glad i noticed!)

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@somnius there seems to be some kind of mastodon/tootsuite bug with editing your own profile. i was tweaking some minor things. then i came back a few hours later and was browsing, i noticed my account had 'lock' enabled, where i have to review new followers. i never enabled that option myself.

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Booting VMs of OSs from 15-20 years ago is a bad idea.

You realize how awful and incomprehensible personal computing is today.

Ready-to-Go pre-made ORCA-C bundle for Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) preview release. Just download, unzip, and run.

@neauoire the orca-c readme doesn't have any screenshots... do you think we should add some?

Friendship ended with TWIDDLING

is my
best friend

gcc8, clang7, and tcc comparisons for a simple benchmark of the orca-c VM.

how many seconds to build.
how many bytes is the compiled program.
how many seconds to run 1,000,000 screens of the benchmark.

Deleted the 'classic' branch on the hundredrabbits orca-c repo. Current is the new classic.

@neauoire orca-c needs working examples. i have no idea what to do. the example files in there are all old and many don't work, i think.

The deed is done. orca-c now supports MIDI beat clock output. (And MIDI start/stop to go with it.)

Spent half the day on orca-c code housekeeping. (Several hundred of these lines are just indentation changes due to loop restructuring.)

Moved OSC settings to the menus in orca-c, added being able to change it while the program is running, and made it save those settings to the conf file.

where's my blobsweat emoji

Fixed MIDI timing issue in orca-c that was affecting @neauoire by giving useless timestamps to PortMidi
┐(‘~` )┌

Changed in the last few days:

MIDI CC operator "!" added.
MIDI pitchbend operator "?" added.
MIDI "mono" note operator "%" added.
MIDI notes above G are now accepted.
MIDI velocity behavior updated.

The starting octave for orca-c might be different (I can't test the JS version.)

Also note that you have to type '/' to input a '?' character in orca-c. Typing '?' brings up the help.

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