@JPEG for me, 1.4 now causes my timeline scroll position to start from the same place (middle of the day, Dec 22nd) and i have to scroll up 20 toots at a time to get back to current position. Loses place and starts from Dec 22nd every time the app is quit.

@cancel Does a fresh reinstall help resolve this? And was this on iPhone or iPad?

@JPEG iPhone. I reinstalled it. With default settings, it seems to load at a random place sometime on my timeline within the last 5 hours. Quitting and relaunching it puts it in a randomly different place each time.

@cancel Tested on my end and it’s working fine, do you also use the iPad app? Does it retain scroll position when pulling to refresh?

@JPEG Hmm. No, I don't have an iPad. I set Mast to just load from the top, instead of from the current position, and that works correctly. I'll see if maybe I can figure out a way to record the screen.

I also noticed that streaming and push notifications don't work, at least on the Mastodon instance I'm on (I don't know very much about Mastodon). Is that expected?

@JPEG it does retain the scroll position when doing pull-to-refresh, though, yes.

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