@neauoire does the direct MIDI out work for you?

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@neauoire does the --portmidi-list-devices option show you the list of MIDI devices?

@cancel I'm on the port midi branch, and it gives me `orca: unrecognized option `--portmidi-list-devices'`

@neauoire you have to build with the --portmidi flag

i think you missed seeing this image in an earlier toot

@cancel Still no notes, but:
`./build/release/orca --portmidi-list-devices`

ID: 1 Name: IAC Driver Bus 1

@cancel Yeah, I am. This is how I'm running Orca.

`./build/release/orca --portmidi-output-device 1`

@neauoire you might need to put a value in for velocity and note length

@neauoire is stuff working ok? anything missing or broken?

@cancel Everything is good, sorry for the silent. We had to get going on some errands :)

@neauoire ok. you have to make a cool video now, or an iTerm2 theme or something :)

@cancel that's the plan :) more on this in 2019!! Happy new year Andrew

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