@npisanti email me cancel at or use the merveilles Slack or message me using Keybase Chat. mastodon is not good for conversations (imo)

@cancel ok, i'll send you a gist via mail when i've ironed some things out, i'm not on the other channels, thanks

@cancel i'm not on discord, but i can PM you on if it's better than mail

@npisanti yeah that's fine too, though it might take me a while to respond since i only open that tab occasionally. having that site open in the background burns cpu

@cancel it's fine, this thing is not time critical, it's just that if we fix this and the B ( a lot easier ) we should be done with compliance of the operators ( and probably those won't change that much )

@npisanti there's no compliance. neither orca-js or orca-c are official.

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