@cancel Hey dude, I just discovered Ripcord and I absolutely love it! Any chance you're going to expand on custom theming? I'd love to have more spacing in a lot of places.

@hamcha you can make custom color schemes (if you didn't already know) dev.cancel.fm/wiki?name=Custom

If you want to make an entirely custom skin/theme you'll have to implement a Qt QStyle. here's the one I wrote for Ripcord github.com/randrew/phantomstyl you can use it as a starting point

Or you can look around on the internet for existing QStyle engines (though most of them only work on Linux)

You'll need to link it against Qt 5.9 and drop it into the plugins dir, then RIPCORD_STYLE_ENGINE=myengine


@hamcha custom QStyle engine will let you change pretty much anything (sizing, shapes, colors, whatever), but it's quite a bit of work to make one

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