After 3 years of development in alpha, my shareware Slack and Discord chat client is now available to buy

now let's wait for them to restrict API access, like #Twitter has done in the past 😅

But seriously, congrats on the release. :)

@FiXato it uses the same API as their own client, so i think they would have a hard time doing that

@cancel I like the app. Take my money and keep working on it. :)

@cancel looks good, tried it with discord for a minute and you should now have another $20 to make lean software with :)

@cancel some feedback on the UI: in the sidebar, the expand-able account entries visually appear to be on a lower level than the "threads", "direct messages", "channels" buttons they contain. I'm slowly getting used to it, but I found it quite disorienting. Maybe everything inside an account can be indented slightly or something similar?


So after the year of free upgrades, how can I continue to get upgrades? Do I have to buy a new license or something?

@ksteimel yeah, you buy an upgrade license (put in your old license and you get a discount code for a new one)

ah okay. cool. What do you plan on the re-up costing?

@ksteimel i'm not sure yet. it's more than a year away. i was planning on increasing the price to $25 after beta is finished. so then the upgrade would become 50% off that, so like $12.50? not sure

@cancel I as well love Ripcord. My favorite feature is being able to leave it open and still have 10 hours of battery life 😃 Please take my money

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