@neauoire @npisanti @Lutrinus @somnius i can't upload this 25kb gif to mastodon because it turns it into an MP4 video which is screwed up looking and larger... i have to link it as an external file to prevent it from being destroyed by mastodon

can you fix that somehow? it's kind of silly. why is it turning a gif into a larger & worse MP4 video file?

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@cancel @neauoire @npisanti @Lutrinus Unfortunately I don't think there's much I can do here. Mastodon converting a GIF into a larger MP4 is something that's out of my hands. I think Mastodon automatically converts GIFs into videos to save space for larger GIFs, but for small image files the opposite happens.

@somnius they can't add like, "if new_file.size > old_file.size then new_file = old_file" ???

@cancel I'm sure they could, but that would have to be added as a PR to the main release of Mastodon if that isn't included already. I'm not super familiar with how media compression works with Mastodon unfortunately!

@somnius why doesn't it already just check to see if it made it worse? it's kind of idiotic. that's like the first thing you'd make sure was implemented in some kind of automatic conversion system.

@somnius i know it's not your fault. i'm just venting at the crap software.

@cancel It's not crap. It's a work in progress. If you don't like it, the good news is: you can fix it yourself or at least open a ticket to ask someone to fix it instead of just talking about it.

@narF there's already a ticket for it, 2 years old. I don't know how to work on web software and I don't have any interest in it. That feature shouldn't have been added if there is no way to undo it and it doesn't even do basic sanity checks.

@narF just because one part of something is crap doesn't mean the whole thing is crap, though. I guess that's how I made it sound. But for any large project with lots of contributors, "crap" in this case is more like "this particular part of it".

@cancel @somnius there is a lot of discussion about this in the github and it sort of stalled out long ago because there was so much disagreement. Pleroma and misskey both support regular real gifs

@cancel @neauoire @Lutrinus
this was is a very needed feature, so now we can copypaste orca snippets from the internet
( but still i'm not able to copy-paste between two different orca-c sessions )

@npisanti @neauoire @Lutrinus use your terminal's text selection features to copy and paste instead of orca's internal copy and paste

@npisanti @neauoire @Lutrinus actually i guess most terminals don't have rectangular selection... let me see what I can do in orca-c without having to add a dependency on X11/xlib

@cancel @neauoire @Lutrinus yes, i was noting that my terminal doesn't let me copy when i select a region in orca-c ( i'm using terminator, it's a gnome-terminal fork)

@npisanti @neauoire @Lutrinus orca-c's "selection" is just drawn using terminal colors/attributes. There's no way to manipulate a terminal's actual selection from within a terminal program. The user has to do it.

@npisanti @neauoire @Lutrinus your terminal might have something like, if you hold down shift and use the mouse, then you can perform a 'real' terminal selection instead of passing the mouse input to the program.

@cancel @neauoire @Lutrinus found! i can do rectangular selection with CTRL+SHIFT+mouse, copy/pasting from terminals with CTRL+SHIFT+C/V as usual, orca-c has to be in paused playback otherwise it reset my selection as soon as it refresh a frame

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