@cancel @neauoire @npisanti @Lutrinus a welcome feature! it does work nicely, but misses some features i've come to expect from a dialog like this:
- doesn't understand `~` as home directory
- tab completion would be very useful here

@eel @neauoire @npisanti @Lutrinus would require thousands of lines of code to add those features

@cancel @neauoire @npisanti @Lutrinus i was afraid that might be so. maybe readline provides these features? but then that would add yet another dependency...

@eel @neauoire @npisanti @Lutrinus maybe the ~ wouldn't be so hard. tab completion would be very hard. getting a list of files in C that actually works is very hard.

gnu readline would make it easier, but making ncurses and readline work with the async orca-c event loop would require a ton of glue code. and i would rather not use gnu stuff here if possible.

@eel @neauoire @npisanti @Lutrinus well, if you don't mind it not being bulletproof, it's not too hard to write it, i guess... hmm

@cancel @neauoire @npisanti @Lutrinus i just think it would be useful. if it's useful enough to excuse the effort is another question...

@cancel @neauoire @npisanti @Lutrinus some other features i miss from the open dialog:
- copy paste (this would make tab-completion less necessary, too)
- ctrl+o keybind to open the dialog

@cancel @neauoire @npisanti @Lutrinus
it could also be nice to have ctrl+n create a fresh empty grid

@eel @neauoire @npisanti @Lutrinus copy-paste will take a while. can't do it right now.

i can add the others, hold on

@cancel @neauoire @npisanti @Lutrinus i guess we can always use the command line argument for opening files (which has copy-paste and tab completion in most interactive shells)

@eel @neauoire @npisanti @Lutrinus ok i added a 'New' in the main menu, but i didn't put it on ctrl+n yet because i don't have a yes/no prompt thing yet, and i don't want people to accidentally nuke their files. even though you can undo ctrl+n (or even opening other files) most people won't know that.

i put the open file dialog on ctrl+o

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