@neauoire @npisanti @Lutrinus @eel OK, I pushed a working version of this feature to GitHub. Can you try it out? Just build orca-c with PortMidi support, then start orca without specifying a MIDI device. Then try picking it from the menu and see if it works.

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@cancel @neauoire @Lutrinus @eel
it's working here using midi through, it also shows qjackctl as available port when it is running

i just i noticed some lowercase notes don't trigger the midi message when used, for example


don't produce any output ( i know, E sharp is just an F, but in orcaJS the note message is sent anyway )


@npisanti @neauoire @Lutrinus @eel OK. sorry i have no idea about the message contents. other people have touched that since the last time i did anything with it. right now i'm just working on MIDI device handling

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