This is what I stare at when I'm working

@grafofilia I hope to some day find a way to make it even more boring

@cancel Wow, no blue light? I'd worry about falling asleep.

@faun I've never found the blue light thing to affect wakefulness. (Though very bright lights will prevent me from sleeping.)

@cancel Hm.
I've been wondering if using much brighter screens (during the appropriate hours) might improve focus and potentially address one component of seasonal affective disorder, but I'm told that no screen goes bright enough to do the full test.

@faun i think you need to make your room very, very bright. like daylight levels of brightness.

@cancel how easy is that on the eyes? Also what is your wm?

@dualhammers It's fine. I usually use this one at night. It's just openbox.

@cancel Boring is better, if your work in the terminal looks exciting, it probably isn't.

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