I don't know what it is about Mastodon, but I every day I use it, I make some kind of mistake with the UI that sends out toots to people I didn't mean to, or gets dropped from a thread, or mentions people I didn't want to, or something like that.

I don't even know what's wrong with it. I can't criticize it because I don't know what about it is causing me to make these mistakes.

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@neauoire I don't think it's the keyboard shortcuts. They all seem fine. It's something about how it displays the state of where your message is going... I don't know what it is.

@cancel haha, well if you do, let me know, maybe I can highlight some part of the interface or something. ^^

@cancel Oh! if you remove the mention it disconnects the thread! I.. never actually did that I guess.

@neauoire the weird part is that it still shows it like I'm replying, even though it's not gonna make it a reply.

@cancel yeah it should check for the mention and update the UI. I'll open an issue on the repo.

@neauoire I saw your issue and saw that it was closed. It makes sense internally that it's still considered a reply. But there's no indicator in the regular "Home" timeline that it's a reply... it looks just like a bare toot. So maybe *that's* the bug? I mean, I thought all of those mistaken toots were actually not replies, and I deleted them whenever they happened.

@cancel @neauoire hmmm, if a toot doesn't mention the replyee then it doesn't work like a regular reply (they may not get a notification and if the thread is set to unlisted they may not even be able to see it). So I think you have identified a real bug here.

@cancel @neauoire the posts are part of the thread but the person you're replying to won't get notified. sometimes it can be useful to untag someone if the conversation branches too much, but i don't see much use for untagging everyone

@cancel I did some test and I noticed that the toot wrapper had the reply class, I think we just need to use it on this instance to make it clear that it's a reply, I'll try something out today.

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