gcc8, clang7, and tcc comparisons for a simple benchmark of the orca-c VM.

how many seconds to build.
how many bytes is the compiled program.
how many seconds to run 1,000,000 screens of the benchmark.

never heard about tcc, it seems optimization is not it's strength but is fast as fuuuu

@s_ol for many programs, it won't matter. orca-c is strange in that i did no manual SIMD optimizations and rely entirely on the compiler to do them, and also it has no indirect jumps so the entire call graph can be known statically. which is why gcc and clang can optimize the crap out of it.

@s_ol in normal circumstances, if i wanted something to be fast, i would probably do some hand-rolled stuff for optimizing memory access. but orca-c is strict C99+POSIX and makes no assumptions about the platform, so i didn't do that.

@s_ol i should say, if i wanted something to be fast-er after i had already de-clowned it. orca-c is faster than anyone would ever need for what it was intended for.

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