@neauoire the orca-c readme doesn't have any screenshots... do you think we should add some?

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@neauoire make sure to put the file on the github 'wiki' repo instead of the code repo so that it doesn't end up forcing people to download it if they just want the C code

@neauoire i can show you how to do that, if you haven't done it before

@cancel mhmm yeah I've never done that before, how does it work?

@neauoire the 'wiki' for a github repo is actually a second, separate git repo that stores just the wiki pages and the resources for it. you can clone it manually, add a file to it, then push it back to github. then there will be a URL you can use to access the file, which is tied to your github repo, but isn't mixed in with your code. just use that URL for the image in the readme.

@cancel for some reason I thought the wiki was kept in the .git hidden file source

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