@cancel I know that! It's Daz3D Bryce, isn't it? I remember toying with it _so much_ as a kid on my dad's Power Mac 7100!

@raelzero This is before it was owned by Corel, and then eventually Daz. This is MetaCreations Bryce3D, 3.1.

@cancel I don't remember which version I was playing with the most, because I was a very small kid (like 5/6yo): I was just learning to read! A demo version was attached to the Applicando magazine (or was it MacWorld IT?).

That interface is definitely the earliest I remember!

I also remember revisiting it during my middle school years (so that'd be something like 2005-ish) on MacOS X when they also had the integration with Daz Studio. Being able to invent characters was mindblowing for me! :D

@neauoire I hadn't used it in over 20 years and it only took a few minutes to make that. The UI is still genius

@cancel Hey, I have an unrelated question, how would you katakana the word "Donsol" - it's a made up work, but we'd like a second opinion.


@neauoire @rek all of the matches for it when searching in JP are for diving guides, so maybe that's not so bad

@neauoire we should have an art compo where you can only use tools from 1998 and earlier

@neauoire I was using only Mac at the time, with System 7. I only started also using Windows with WIndows 98.

@neauoire yeah. well, if you remove all of the bad parts (no memory protection/virtual memory, no pre-emptive multi-tasking)

@cancel @neauoire I loved system 7. we didn't have a computer so I used to stick around after school in grade 4 to explore every bit of the OS (that I could understand).

@cancel Fun fact: I used Bryce in the pipeline for my game, Orison of Mercury

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